2017, and a glimpse of 2018

Hello Everyone,

So, 2017 is wrapped up and we are very excited for 2018! I would like to give a quick word on what went on behind the scenes and the outlook for 2018. Its been an amazing trip through 2017 were we half way we moved to our dedicated work/office space. Located now in the Dutch town Halsteren right near the Highway for easy access, we have a demo sim rig setup for customers to come and try out, and Sim-Lab is no longer located next to my house, which I believe in many ways is a good thing 😉 The new space allowed us to literally expand on the stocks, and get our inventory in order. But as demand also increasingly got higher through 2017 we never really got where we wanted with it. Most noticeable change has been our support got supercharged with Darko on the wheels! He has been on the lookout day and night to answer questions and help with whatever you guys needed help with. We implemented a ticket system which helped us enormously with just keeping track of queries and systematically providing support. Support is very valuable for us, and we will be continuing to provide the best we can in 2018.

Introducing the GT2 cockpit and a couple smaller products, 90% of our resources remained focused on the order handling and generally running the operation. In real terms, this meant frantically trying to get orders out of the door. All the time! In 2018 the focus on better control of the order handling, and we will try reducing shipping times to 1-5 days for all products. Also, we want all manuals updated or even created in the first place. In some cases, this has been a problem for customers although its a minority. Nevertheless, as we move forward it is essential to get right and we hope to improve the overall satisfaction even further with getting easy to understand manuals provided with each build.

What to expect more from us in 2018? First of all, we are finalising the Team Redline sim rig. Also, we just updated the wheel deck versions and the front mounting brackets. We hope to have it out in February. Preparations are running and orders have been issued at our suppliers. Secondly, we are working on our own custom packaging materials for all products. This will mean better protection for the around-the-world shipments. We have a couple smaller products in the pipeline, but at this moment they will need to be fleshed out a bit more for them to become available. One of them is a universal Fanatec QR adapter. A few other changes are going to happen to the line-up of triple stands and rigs were we will slightly re-arrange some products to better fit in and make a more logical range of products. Furthermore, we will be expanding on black anodized profiles in 2018. Plenty of things to look forward to!

Thank you for making Sim-Lab happen. Happy sim racing in 2018!