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Sim-racing hardware

Sim-Lab Products is a manufacturer of high-quality sim-racing related hardware. With our in house engineering en EU-based production, we ensure the highest quality products and the best support in the industry. Sim-Labs cockpits and accessories are pushing the boundaries in price and quality ratio, and we will be pursuing this going into the future.

With some new exciting sim-racing products around the corner, we will be leading the way with our innovative approach.

P1-X sim-racing cockpit

The P1-X sim racing cockpit has been around for many years now and is considered as the benchmark sim rig. Without any compromise, the P1-X is extremely rigid providing precise and crisp feedback of your controls. Bumps in the road are transferred with clarity through the force feedback device you are using. Operating loadcell brake pedal sets without flex and the same crispness in brake-feel is unparalleled. With the modularity of the aluminium profiles and infinite adjustability options, it is suited for everyone's needs and at the same time its ready for any future upgrades.