Black Friday 2018

Hello everyone,

Due to the popular demand, we decided to start our Black Friday sale earlier than usual. Besides traditional 10% discount on many of our products, we have prepared some great deals for our loyal customers, so you can get the most of your money’s worth.

Here’s what we have in store for you.

10% off coupon code

Using the coupon code BF2018 on the checkout page will grant you a discount on most of our products. Product that are not covered in this bundle are:

  • product that are already on sale (P1 black, GT1 Evo black, TR1 rig)
  • Corbeau seats
  • SRC wheels and panels
  • Cockpit configurator bundles (for which we now have 10% discount on all rigs and 15% discount on the seats)
  • Heusinkveld products

DEAL #1 – Black rig for the price of the gray

During the Black Friday promotion we’ll match the prices of black rigs to the ones of gray versions.

DEAL #2 – Buy D-Box and get P1 for free

Contact us for more details at, or visit our D-box enquiry contact form here.

DEAL #3 – Coming soon!


Black Friday sale will end on November 24th at 23:59.