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Hi Everyone,

First of all, as every year we want to thank you for supporting us the way you all did! We made major steps towards becoming an established & successful business! I want to take this opportunity to give insight in what is happening behind the scenes at Sim-Lab.

But before that we want to explain we halted all 2019 sales so we can focus our efforts on getting the outstanding order shipped and prepare for 2020. We didn't feel we could handle any new orders in a timely manner. This doesn't mean any made orders aren't shipped in 2019!


At the beginning of 2019 we moved to another facility providing us with a floorplan of 1270 square meters. Finally, we are able to expand without space being an issue. Processes on the floor cost us less energy and we are slowly working our way up to better lead-times for the orders placed. Our goal in 2020 is to have all orders shipped within 3-5 working days.  In 2020 we will be finishing the offices inside the building and also have a showroom up and running for local sim-racers to hang out certain times of the year.

New Website! (+back-end!)

Behind the scenes, our team is working on a completely revamped website design. The first iteration of it will be live beginning of the year. We worked on creating a new fitting style for the website, and added some cool new features to it, which will enhance the overall browsing experience. As important as the front-end, we are switching to a completely new back-end. This effectively means many processes internally will be automated which are currently still done manually. It will free up our hands to get them dirty on things that really matter! For the end-user, the experience of purchasing will be more mature having tracking information/invoices centralised and live stock-info available. For the production floor it will mean manufacturing planned ahead, automated forecasts and purchasing of materials as well as workcenters automatically operated. We are super excited to have this system implemented in our daily work! And we are sure you will benefit from it.

New products

Regarding new products we got some news to share as well! We will have a couple smaller new additions available soon such as dead pedal foot rest, diamond plate cover and redesigned heelplate. Also, we will have the original GT2 cockpit ready for sale again with an upgraded front mount.

This is not all. We are working on a new Formula seat designed from the ground up! It's already in the prototype stage and we are expecting it to be finished in the coming months. Complementary we have been working on a new Formula rig, which is a step away from what you might expect from us. Searching for new manufacturing methods we came to this design which we think will be liked by a lot of simracers. Additionally we also will be offering an 8020 based version of it!

Talking about seats, we are about to release an XL version of the SPEED1 bucket seat. Taking feedback from our customers there is a real demand for it we noticed and began initial design for it months ago.

Mixing it up a bit more we are about to team up with our friends at Hybrid Racing Simulations from Australia! We are super excited to collaborate with these excellent sim gear manufacturers / designers. What this concretely entails we need to keep a secret for now, but one of the short term benefits will be that HRS will act as distributors of Sim-Lab Products over in the Australian / New Zealand region.

That's not even all still! We have a couple long-awaited changes coming up to the EVO pedal deck.  We will make a reinforcing plate available for all existing EVO owners which having troubles with the Sprint pedals from Heusinkveld creating flexing. Besides that a couple more changes to products, be them small but necessary.

Wait, there is more! Long-awaited as well, the GT1-EVO direct drive mount. Soon.

Happy new year from the Sim-Lab Team!

Richard Schouteren

Field of View (FOV)