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2020 New Year Update


Dear Sim-racers,

I would like to give everyone an update on the current status of the Sim-Lab operation. I think we all can agree that 2020 has thrown us a curveball with the Covid-19 outbreak, creating challenges in different areas. The demand,  which was already high before the outbreak, significantly increased after. The Sim-Lab operation has been going on non-stop and we have seen little to no impact in our daily operations. The Sim-lab Team has grown to a whopping 29 people, divided over full-timers and part-timers.

Order Lead-times

We are well aware the lead times currently are long. The beginning of the year we had set ourselves new goals, just to be swept away with the new level of demand we are facing now. Output in our production had doubled, but the demand is still higher then what we can put out on a weekly level. As a result, the webshop has been offline more then it has been online.


The support department has likewise seen a huge demand in inquiries, and we are barely holding our ground in answering questions in a timely manner. We are in the process of hiring more staff, but this takes time because new people need to be trained. With our ticketing software, we cannot miss emails, so if you haven’t received a reply on yours, it could be it never arrived in our inbox. Please give us time to reply to every single inquiry, and don’t expect is to be able to reply the same day. This is simply not possible.

Stock Situation

As you probably have noticed, we have been without stock for the biggest part of the year. Resellers, as well, are limited in supplies. Most of our challenges are coming from our internal production line. This Team has scaled up considerably, and we even introduced morning and evening shifts. Nonetheless, we cannot meet the demand. Currently, we have chosen to take orders with longer lead times just to offload our website, and so our customers can get orders in without problems. Please take in account the lead-times and try to be patient, we know it’s a lot to ask! Asking for order updates which is almost half of the emails we get isn’t helping us. We can guarantee to you that we won’t magically “forget” orders. Our team is monitoring this closely.


Due to the incoming traffic, we had to deal with a server crash on 2 occasions.  Order confirmation emails were not sent in a number of cases, and webshop order statuses weren’t updated correctly). We can safely say that no orders have been deleted when payments were made. All is accounted for, even if you haven’t received a confirmation email.

In the next month, we will be going live with our new website. It has been in the works for some time now and we are excited about this new step. We had some setbacks regarding the implementation of it but it will be worth it at the end of the day. Improvements will be made on the user account environment for the users, but the biggest improvements are backend related. Once we have the website migration completed, we will start the work on the aesthetics of the new website, and introduce new tweaks along the way.

New developments

We got plenty of new developments going on in the background. The Formula style sim rig is well underway, but not finished yet. Updates will follow soon.  The formula-style seat called SF1 recently went on sale. We will be making announcements in the near future what we are working on!

As last

We are really proud the have teamed up with Mercedes Grand Prix and became team supplier for their Esports team! Soon more on this!

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