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2020 Recap - Bring on 2021!

Hi Everyone!

2020 has been a huge success! We have the complete backend and front-end migrated to a new system, which gives us huge benefits operational wise. Almost all our internal processes are automated. From a user perspective, the account section has had a huge overhaul and now displays more relevant information. On the back-end, that is where the magic happens! All warehouse movements, internal work-orders and purchasing are automized. This led to having lead-times as short as less than a day! On average we are still looking at 2-3 days, even during the Black Friday sales and holidays.

On to 2021! We have so much in the pipe-line, lets go over them one-by-one.


First the bad news, we halted the development of the VECTOR VF-1 chassis. It simply didn't reach our standards. A formula cockpit is still high on our to-do list and we are checking multiple options design-wise at the moment. We don't want to settle for less than the best quality and value for money.

Sparco P310 Button BOX-1

We have been busy with the development for quite some time now and currently fine-tuning the supply-chain and production. The goal of this button box which is designed solely for the P310 Steering-wheel is to set a standard for the market. The wheel features a billet aluminium casing with Carbon fibre front plate. We use the proven knitter buttons and 2 thumb rotary switches which are used as a rotary, D-pad and have push-button functionality. Furthermore, it has 2 snap dome paddle shifter on the back. Internally it rocks a custom-designed PCB which is optimised for the P310 case.

XERO-PLAY Quick release

 As announced via our social channels we have teamed up with the best from down-south, Hybrid Racing Simulations! With this step, we will be pushing the XERO-PLAY quick release and selling it under the SIm-Lab Flag. HRS in Australia will still be selling the HRS branded version of this QR. Planned release now set on Q2-2021.

The XERO-PLAY QR kit will come with 2 wheel side adapters. Colors are optional and the standard 50 mm bolt pattern is also available. Wheelsdie adapters will be available seperately.

RaceX Brand

Tied to the XERO-PLAY QR, we have earlier announced we have also teamed up with HRS to push the RaceX Brand to new heights. RaceX is now a sub-brand of Sim-Lab. The website has been live for some weeks now containing basic information. Check it out at httpss:// The RaceX tube frame is made out of aluminium making it strong and lightweight at the same time. This will help in reducing shipping fees. The frame also contains unique billet aluminium parts which will enhance to the overall feel and quality this cockpit has. A couple more RaceX products are planned. First, we are working for some time now to re-release the RaceX V8 sequential shifter. Its redesigned from the ground up and we are aiming to have the feel as authentic as we possible can. The RaceX shifter will be released in unison with a shifter holder which will be featuring a combination of tube elements and Aluminium profile, this will make the side-mount very versatile. Furthermore, a RaceX dash, Steering-wheel, DrectDrive holder and an extension hub is planned in the near future.

Vario Vesa and revamped Triple monitor stand

We are as of the rest of the sim racing community super excited about the Vario Vesa adapters. They will be available in January, a couple of days after publishing this blog post. The good news is that it will be ready for immediate dispatch. Later during the year we will be updating the current Triple monitor stand with the new Vario Vesa's, and also releasing the new Pivot connectors, which eliminate the remaining flex the standard plates had. Adjusting the monitors now became a breeze, and we even want to go as far that this development blows new life into the concept of triple monitors just due to the fact that the alignment now is so much better!

The Vario Vesa Adapter will be on sale between 20-30 January and ready for immediate dispatch. Keep an eye on the website! 


Also in development, a digital flag! This digital flag will come with our own in-house developed software codenamed Sim-Director. More info when we have it.

Organisational & More

Some upgrades related to company housing are planned. The current 180m2 profile saw-unit will be replaced for a newly build 500m2 unit which will push us our production capability into the future. Building starts in April this year and we expect it to be operational the end of this year. Also, we are looking to insert a 2nd floor into our current location which will add +/-500m2 of space for offices, assembly units and showroom! Also, a secondary production facility has been opened in 2020 in Germany and is fully operational! This is one of the reasons we have little to no backlogs anymore.

We have more news coming up but we cannot disclose everything yet! We are super excited for 2021 and we hope we can build upon our great community going forward!

Thanks and see you on the virtual track!

Sim-Lab Team, Richard Schouteren

Black Friday 2020