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Sim-Lab x Mercedes SLK-cup Sponsorship
From virtual to the real track!

Sim-Lab Titel-sponsor Mercedes SLK CUP

We are happy to announce we entered a partnership with the Dutch DNRT organized Mercedes SLK-Cup! In 2021 this will be officially named the Sim-Lab Mercedes SLK-Cup.

As a crossover event for the virtual world, we will be hosting a digital championship with the Mercedes SLK 230 Cup car as the weapon of choice! One of the main prizes to be won is the opportunity to obtain a real racing license and race the SLK-cup car in real life on one of the SLK-cup race days (terms and conditions apply). Besides this main prize, we will have plenty more to make this an exciting event to participate in. 

The Mercedes SLK-cup is a popular series hosted by DNRT, the Dutch National Racing Team, aimed at low-budget racing. The car is very much suited to be raced hard on the track as it is rear-wheel drive and only needs minimum modification to be made race-ready. Under the hood, the 2.3L compressor engine delivers 193hp and 280Nm torque, plenty of power for some quick lap-times!

Nico Biesheuvel of Biesheuvel Autosport: “... This year we are happy to welcome Sim-Lab as the main sponsor and to introduce virtual drivers around the world to the Mercedes SLK cup! As a highlight, we will support one of the winners to get a racing license and drive a real race in a Mercedes SLK cup car .... ”

Richard Schouteren from Sim-Lab: “..... The line between real racing and its virtual counterpart is blurring and getting the recognition it deserves. With this initiative, we want to give the sim racer a chance to feel what it is like to experience a race in real life, and we are organizing a Digital Sim-Lab SLK cup that is freely accessible to everyone ....“

More information will follow through our usual channels!

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