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Summer Update 2020

New Website

1 August we switched to our new website! Its the final step of fully integrating our backend and e-commerce platform all into one.  A big step for us, and for our customers it means much improved online experience. We need to stress that the state of the website at launch is our starting point on which we will be building upon in the future. Any bugs please report them to our regular email.

The account section now offers quotations, past orders and invoices, tracking info, and more. We would like you to take a look and let us know what you think! For all orders made in 2020, it is possible to make a password reset and log in to your account and see your past order(s) listed in the account section.

One of the biggest benefits of the new website is the integration with the backend. This means that manufacturing is connected real-time to the available stock on the front end. Stock management and sale are now done automatically. We will be able to give accurate shipment data in the near future. Our target for 2020 is to reduce lead times with big margins and this will be a big help. With the demand in the past month, we, unfortunately, weren't even close in decreasing lead times, they only got extended despite making huge steps in capacity within the Sim-Lab operation. 

At this moment we are still facing a backlog of orders so a lot of products will not be available for purchasing. They will be released from production as we go in the coming weeks.

Customer support & Lead times

Customer support also took a big hit in the past months with hundreds of emails being sent to us daily. The support team got strengthened and we are still growing the team to cope with support demand. We are aware that reply time from us was in many cases too long, and that some even got missed completely. Not really acceptable for our standards but be assured this is of highest priority within Sim-Lab.

Lead-times are a bit longer then we communicated unfortunately. We are aware and working around the clock shipping orders out daily.

Black anodized profiles

For the rest of the year, we will be mainly focussing on the black anodized profiles. This decision was made so we can get on top of our operation having the produce a lot less stock. We want to reach a level where we can ship orders within 3-5 days without exceptions, and build upon this foundation.

New Products

The old GT2 cockpit is resurrected! We upgraded some parts but largely kept it the same. This cockpit is small form factor but is very rigid and can handle DD wheels without problems

The SD43-X dash is currently in production and orders will open up in about 1-2 months. We fell in love with this small secondary screen sitting just behind the wheel showing all sorts of relevant data. We think you will like it too!

We will soon release new info on the Vector VF-1 Formula rig. Stay tuned.

We have a couple more things in the pipeline we want to share soon with you all, but for now we keep it under the hat :-)

Thanks for everything!

Sim-Lab Team