Blue Marlin Bluetooth device

The last update before production sees green lights! After another development cycle, we have frozen the design and have started the production of the first batch of Blue Marlins. Some new features have been added in the last weeks, we hope you like them!

IMG_1926 copy

One of the most noticeable new features is the 70 mm hole pattern incorporated in the board. This is to make life simpler in some specific situations for the one designing cases, as well as yourself! Typical 70 mm – M5 bolt pattern will not be obstructed by the board and bolts can freely pass through.

Two other added features are the USB breakout board and the on/off switch connector. Both making able to position an auxiliary switch and USB connector freelyOn the backside of the board, the JST connectors are placed for connecting buttons. These industry standard connectors will be included with the Blue Marlin.

Detailed specs to follow soon!