Sim-Lab new partner of NEO Endurance

Sim-Lab is very proud to announce it will be sponsoring NEO Endurance starting from Season 2 2015! We all love endurance racing, and when NEO Endurance is in control, prepare for flawlessly organized events that puts virtual endurance racing right at the top. Live marshaling, top teams competing at the most desired venues. Continue Reading →

Anatomy of an aluminium sim-racing rig ;) PART 1

Aluminium profiles are often used for building sim racing rig because they are highly mod-able and makes for a very rigid construction. Anyone can easily add bits and pieces within few minutes, making your rig exactly how you want it. When constructed the right way it’s quite impossible to flex it, perfect Continue Reading →

Field Of View (FOV)

Many times overlooked and probably one of the most important things to get right! In order to fully emerge into the virtual world, it’s important for your senses to recognize it as what you would normally see when sitting in the driver seat of a real car. This should be Continue Reading →