Mounting Fanatec equipment on Sim-Lab cockpits

Mounting Fanatec equipment on Sim-Lab cockpits
With the growing popularity of sim racing, it is easy to wander around aimlessly for months while searching for the ideal setup. Because of that, we decided to help with some suggestions. In this article, we will focus on installing the Fanatec gear to Sim-Lab racing simulators. Dip your toes into the Sim-Lab & Fanatec mounting solutions!

Sim Racing Cockpits

Sim-Lab offers five different cockpits, and the most famous ones are the P1-X and GT1-EVO. The first one is our flagship sim rig, quite popular among the e-sports champions, followed by its more budget-friendly companion - GT1-EVO. These two bestsellers are also our most versatile rigs with custom-designed side brackets for Fanatec Podium wheels.

Fanatec Wheel
Sim-Lab racing simulator


The TR1 Team Redline and GT2 chassis are more minimalistic and compact by design. For the Fanatec crew, TR1 is more attractive, as its wheel deck is compatible with the standard Fanatec bottom mounting pattern, while GT2 is primarily focused on compatibility with OSW/Simucube motors. In case you prefer GT2's profile-based pedal deck while keeping TR1 wheel mounting options, the TR1 wheel deck upgrade pack for GT2 will get you covered.

Last, but not least, is the latest in our line-up - WS-Pro wheel stand. One of the most cost-effective solutions on the market and, thanks to its carefully engineered body, it can successfully handle the power of the Fanatec Direct Drive systems.

Mounting Fanatec Wheels

Amateurs or not, we are all aware the quality of the solid wheel mount is of the same importance as the quality of the wheel. Sim-Lab hardware is in a pole position. Here is a table to select the right combination. 

Fanatec Wheels Compatibility Table with SimLab rigs

WD = Wheeldeck    FM = Front mount    SM = Side mount 
* While CSW 2.5 and DD wheels can be mounted on a front mount bracket, it will void your warranty

The P1-X rig comes with optional wheel mounts. As a result, you can choose between the wheel deck mount and bespoke Fanatec DD1/DD2 and CSL DD brackets. Furthermore, you can also buy the Fanatec DD Podium mounting bracket as an add-on for the GT1-EVO.


Fanatec CSL DD Boost kit 180 mounted on SimLab Rig
Boost kit 180 tested!

Moreover, Sim-Lab SD43-X Sim Dash is compatible with Fanatec DD wheels!

Installing Fanatec Pedals

Compatibility Table Fanatec pedals and SimLab Rigs

Full compatibility between the Sim-Lab cockpits and Fanatec pedals
* Fanatec CSL with Load Cell Kit is mounted using both front holes and two (out of 3) back holes, on the accelerator and brake pedals.


However, if you are searching for some extra features, you may want to look into the following products. With the Pedal slider baseplate, you can quickly adjust the position of the pedals. The pedal plate pattern is compatible with the Fanatec CSL V3 and CSL Elite pedals. Also, check out the Sim-Lab’s Inverted Pedal rack, designed for P1-X and GT1-EVO.

Mounting Fanatec Accessories

We designed two mounting brackets, the universal one for Fanatec ClubSport shifter or Fanatec handbrake, and the CS shifter bracket with tilt adjustment.

Compatibility Table Fanatec Accessories and SimLab Mounting Plates
The tilt shifter plate can be used in a vertical and horizontal position
*The handbrake can be hard-mounted to the Fanatec Shifter

P1-X and GT1-EVO already come with the designated side mounts for the shifter. You can buy the side mounts for all other Sim-Lab cockpits separately: GT2 / TR1 – Side mount, WS-Pro Wheelstand Side mount.

The perfect sim racing setup takes you one step closer to the track. With the solid mounting hardware, you will experience all the fun of sim racing. If you still have some doubts concerning Sim-Lab and Fanatec compatibility, contact our customer support at, or join us on Discord   

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