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Used by the Mercedes‑AMG PETRONAS Esports Team

Enjoy sim racing to the fullest with equipment used by champions. The drivers of the Mercedes‑AMG PETRONAS Esports Team rely on Sim-Lab products to compete at the highest level.

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Formula 2 Race Pilot

Felipe Drugovich

Felipe Drugovich is a rising star in motorsports, famous for his exceptional talent and unwavering dedication on the track. At home, he uses the Sim-Lab P1-X cockpit.

The SimLab P1-X has become my trusty companion, always by my side to ensure I stay sharp and push the boundaries of my racing abilities with excitement and joy."

IndyCar driver and ex-Formula 1 driver

Romain Grosjean

With a fearless approach and unwavering determination, Romain consistently pushes the limits! Romain Grosjean, among the famous drivers, uses the SimLab cockpits at home.

"With my limited free time as a racecar driver, I need a sim-racing cockpit that is high quality, sturdy, and easy to adjust. Sim-Labs cockpit is just that, the best that the market has to offer."

Formula 1 driver for Red Bull Racing

Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez, a famous racing driver, known for delivering impressive performances on the track, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the world of motorsports.

"When I'm not on the race track, I enjoy using my Sim-Lab setup at home to get some practice laps in on the virtual track. They bring me immense joy and allow me to refine my skills with enthusiasm."

Aston Martin Racing Works Driver

Nicki Thiim

Nicky Thiim is as well-known on the race track as he is off it! For home training he uses our P1-X cockpit.

"When it comes to training at home, the Sim-Lab P1-X Cockpit is my trusted companion, enabling me to enhance my skills and elevate my racing experience."

BMW Works Racecar Driver

Philipp ENG

With a strong focus, determination, and a passion for motorsports, Philipp consistently demonstrates his prowess, making him a formidable competitor in the world of racing.

"When I'm not on the race track, I rely on my Sim-Lab setup at home to get some practice laps in on the virtual track. It's a valuable tool that allows me to hone my skills and stay sharp, even when I'm not behind the wheel of a real racing car."