Featured sim racing rig: GT1 + Triple stand

Check out this sim racing rig of a customer based in the UK! It features the GT1 cockpit + Triple monitor stand combined to form a full setup. The monitors are detached from the rig so any vibrations of the DD-wheel doesn’t vibrate the monitors or wobble them.

The beating heart of this sim racing rig is the SimSteering2 FFB system of Leo Bodnar (see here) and is considered as the leading manufacturer of servo drive wheels. The seat shown is a SimXperience GS4 motion seat which isn’t sold anymore. It creates G-force effects by adding pressure at the exact part where in real life you would experience pressure when going true fast corners.

Additional to the racing gear there is the Thrustmaster HOTAS & Stick used for flight and space sims. These specialised plates will be soon available in the store.

“I am really impressed with the rigidity and strength of the structure once tightened up, there is nearly zero flex, and that is with using a Bodnar Direct Drive wheel and HE Ultimate pedals, 2 things that caused my old rig to creak and groan and move around..

Practical – I can see the potential for adapting and adding things to the rig in future, very adaptable and easy to change things.”


Sim rig GT1

DSC00593 1 DSC00586 DSC00601 DSC00591 DSC00587

Full specs:

i7 4970k @ 4.7ghz (water cooled)
Mobo – Asus Maximus VII Formula (water cooled with CPU)
GPU – GTX Titan X x 2 SLI (water cooled on separate loop)
PSU – EVGA 1000W Gold
Monitors – Asus ROG Swift PG287q x 3
Case – Corsair 900d
Sim gear
Bodnar SimSteering V2
Various wheel rims
HE Ultimate pedals
Manu Factory Sequential Shifter
Fanatec Clubsport shifter
SimXperience GS4 seat
Sim Vibe with 4 transducers in Chassis mode, and 1 under seat in Extensions mode, powered by Emotiva UPA 500 amp
Sim Racing Hardware  G-Force screen running Z1 Dashboard software
Sim Racing Hardware GI Max and SPI-D
Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS