9 thoughts on “Formula / Prototype Style Sim Rig

  1. Memo

    when would this be for sale? we are interested on getting one for our office room. also price shipped to the US?

    Thank you!

  2. Kenneth McCullough

    I have to say that this rig is just beautiful, the simplicity of the design and the angles make it wonderful. Well done my friend!

  3. Douglas Chisholm

    What other seats might be compatible with this rig in F1 configuration, besides the Tillet. Would a standard bucket seat work? (like the Sparco Circuit II LF?)

    1. Richard Schouteren Post author

      Hi Douglas, what works best besides a Tillet is a normal car seat with inclinable back so you can get into a formula position. You will need an extra frame for the normal seat though to get it inclined.


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