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The Perfect sim-wheel doesn't exi ......

Richard Schouteren

Please share what your perfect sim-wheel should all have!

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Chris Smith
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It depends on the use case. For me it’s always going to be an F1 style wheel. There’s a few things that are a must!!  Both for authenticity and for functionality. 

First it has to have triple paddles!!!! All the sims I use take advantage of a bite point. Taking that one step further having triple paddles allows me to keep my normal grip while adjusting things like DRS or ERS that your tweaking every lap several times a lap. Having to remove you hands and press a button on the wheel is just not natural.  I’ve gone through several “high end” F1 wheels because they don’t have triple paddles. I see a direct link to overall lap times.

Second is thumb dials. Again, having to remove your hands from the natural grip to adjust things like BB and Diff isn’t practical. You can sometimes do this twice per turn!  Having thumb dials is a must. 

Rotary encoders are also going to be a must, although I think that goes without saying. These seem to be standard at this point. Potentiometers are a thing of the past. 

One of the biggest creature comforts when it comes to wheels are the grips. So far the best grips I’ve used are the rubber grips on the Cube Controls products. Suede, leather, microfiber or Alcantara are just not ideal for any type of long periods of time. 

A wheel between 280mm and 300mm is ideal but this is really personal preference. 

As far as LCD’s this is also a matter of personal preference. In reality unless your using a true F1 style seating a LCD on your wheel isn’t going to be at the right height and proximity to your face to be functional. It’s going to be low and away and take your focus too far from the screen. Which is why most of us use dash displays. That being said I think it would be nice to have the option of a wheel with and without the LCD. 

More of a pet peeve of mine is button stickers or caps. You have to have options and be able to customize your wheel. Idk if your stickers make it look like the exact same thing that an F1 driver uses. I need to have labels that work for me. I prefer stickers rather then caps as it doesn’t change the feel of the button. But options either way are key. 

Just my two cents. 

Best Answer

A Sim-Lab button plate with a wheel rim of choice in 2 available styles:

1. ’bullhorn’’ (open cut)
2. round/D-shaped
Both ~300mm with thick enough grips. Maybe you can get them made by LTEC? :D

-Magnetic shifters with carbon paddles

-Dual analog clutches with carbon paddles

-Enough pushbuttons with positive tactile feedback

-2x 7-way funky switches

-Some rotary encoders

-Coiled USB-cable with T-slot mount  

(in my opinion there are enough other wireless options available, and the SC2 wireless module is limited to 28 inputs and no analog inputs)

TLDR; just copy Ascher Racing’s C26 button plate and design a wheel with your partner LTEC!


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