Packing time

Hello Everyone,

It’s packing time! We need to take a short break from taking in new orders, so we can focus on fulfilling the standing ones in a timely manner.

We’re absolutely thankful and overwhelmed by the response our products are generating and we’ve been working long hours to make every order go out as fast as possible, but we’re also stuck in a loop where new orders keep coming in faster than we can send them out.

We also need to spare some time on improving the way we do things ’round here and release some new products that we’ve been planning to get out for weeks (such as black versions of some products, new rig…)

To all customers with standing orders – We’re really thankful for your patience and primary reason we’re making a pause is to make your orders get to your doorsteps faster. We’re still available to contact as usual.

To our new & returning customers, we’ll start taking new orders on 23rd of April and start working on them immediately!

7 thoughts on “Packing time

  1. morten

    The waiting time is unbearable!
    Good idea that you’re holding off new orders, seems like you’re some busy people.

  2. gagelyonjc

    How long does it take normally to deliver an order? Can’t wait to get the accessories I have ordered


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