Aluminium profile – Type 40 mm slot 8 mm

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Custom length profile orders will be produced in between regular production and require planning. Take in account 15-20 days of lead-time.


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Aluminium extrusion profile I-type 40 mm – slot size 8 mm. Available in the sizes 40x40L, 40x80L, 40x120L, 40x160L. L stands for “light type”.

Customize your sim rig by adding profiles and expand were needed.

Price includes cost of cutting, secure packaging to ship worldwide. Small scratches occasionally are inevitable due to the processing of the profiles on the cutting machine.

Minimum length – 50mm
Maximum length – 1350mm

Additional information

Weight 1500 g

40x40L, 40x80L, 40x120L, 40x160L


Gray, Black

2 reviews for Aluminium profile – Type 40 mm slot 8 mm

  1. Adam Henshaw (verified owner)

    Fantastic. My daughter adapted the GT Evo just for me as I’m disabled and struggle to get in and out of the cockpit. We re-purposed 5 pieces but more importantly ordered an additional 9 pieces cut to size and packaged well.
    So in a nutshell the Review could simply read – Fantastic, ordered an additional 9 pieces cut to size and packaged well with great customer service.
    Carry on reading for the nerdy part.
    The seat was lowered 40 mm with an additional piece for the rear bumper which had 3 pieces fitted to create a wing which was used for show and to attach my seat harness. Also an additional 2 pieces as part of the seat foundation just to add support under the seat slider. We disregarded the pedal plate to keep the pedals just 80 mm off the ground by using 3 additional pieces ( 2 pieces for pedals 1 piece for front bumper ) in line with the seat dimensions. The 2 uprights of 580 mm was replaced with 2 uprights cut to size of 500 mm for my disability which gives the cockpit a ‘Low Rider’ personalised look.
    Finally, the re-purposed pieces where used for 2 additional accessory arms and 4 support arms. 1 of the support arms was attached to the outside of the cockpit to enable 1 accessory arm to miss the side of the seat. Another accessory arm was used for the mouse tray with a support underneath as we used a 500mm piece on a hinge. I have taken photos and I am writing a full report for customer service just in case it would be a good idea as a community maybe we should have a photo section of our MODDED cockpits on this site so newbies can see the full potential of Aluminium profile.

    • Richard Schouteren

      Nice Adam!

  2. Darren McKenna

    I would love to see photos of your rig Adam. I agree Sim-lab could benefit from as photo page, as would new and old customers.

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