Fanatec Podium mounting bracket

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Fanatec podium mounting bracket

This Fanatec podium mounting bracket is used to side-mount the DD1 or DD1 Fanatec podium drive wheel to your aluminium profile (8020) cockpit. The slotted holes making it possible to tilt the Podium wheel. Additionally the upright mounting plates this possible as well.

The 2 sizes available work with the GT1-EVO and P1-X (and P1) cockpit.

P1-X cockpit inclusing Fanatec podium mounting bracket

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Weight 4000 g



Grey, Black

14 reviews for Fanatec Podium mounting bracket

  1. Arnold M (verified owner)

    Richard the dimensions for the side panels seems to be off, you can not use 2 screws to secure the DD bases, I scratch one side of my base because of that
    I sent a picture to Darko on Monday to show the problem

    • Richard Schouteren

      Hi Arnold, we are aware but thanks for the heads up! New brackets arriving tomorrow at our place and will be shipping. Also combined with new profiles because we got that wrong also.. !

  2. John Evans (verified owner)

    Hi, mine is the same, profiles too short & hole centres on the brackets wrong

    • Richard Schouteren

      We have new brackets arriving today and we will ship them together with new profiles.

  3. J.D. (verified owner)

    My mounting bracket does not line up with the DD or the profile.

    • Richard Schouteren

      We have new brackets arriving today and we will ship them together with new profiles.

  4. petri.blomqvist (verified owner)

    Hi Richard, I got mine few days ago, haven’t got time to set up brackets yet so my question is, are all so far delivered brackets/profiles faulty, so should I wait for new delivery from you guys ? Br, Petri

    • Richard Schouteren

      Yes all are wrong. We are shipping to all new ones next monday and tuesday.

  5. Howard (verified owner)

    Will all customers be sent replacements (GT1 EVO), all we have to ask for it?

    • Richard Schouteren

      Yes including the EVO!

  6. Jose Manuel Montilla Salgado (verified owner)

    On June 9, I ordered the Fanatec Podium mounting bracket and as of today, July 6, I have no news of the order. Do you know the approximate date of delivery? .
    Thank you very much and greetings

    • Richard Schouteren

      Hello Jose, We had multiple problems with the sidemount plates for this wheelmount. The current situation is that we have received the new ones which are correct and start shipping them out beginning next week. Sorry for the delays!

  7. arnoldomurguia (verified owner)

    I just received the updated version today July 12 2019, and this is everything I wanted, it fits perfectly in my podium DD wheel and it is very easy to adjust the angle of the base, not only it’s very functional but it looks great too.

  8. Howard (verified owner)

    Received the replacements and mounted my DD; rock solid! One issue, which I hadn’t noticed when I received the first batch. Wrong size bolts were sent both times. There should have been 10 m8x18 bolts, but instead, it was 6 m8x18 and 4 m6x18 bolts. The M6 would certainly work for the bottom of the DD but the side mount are m8 bolts.

  9. Tyler Giese (verified owner)

    I was told, by Darko, that this mounting bracket is the reason why my order has yet to ship. I’m now seeing reviews posted, of others, who’ve already received the updated item and I am still waiting for a shipping date…Ordered this DD mounting bracket (black), along with a GT1 Evo (black), Single monitor stand (black), Seat sliders, a couple shifter mounts, caster wheels etc on 5/27/19 – 52 days ago. In the last email exchange I was told, by Darko: “Working on it mate. I’ll have your shipping costs refunded for the trouble and already got the order as a priority, so I’ll have some firm ETA soon (but literally expecting it any day now)” — That was a week ago, and I have still not seen a refunded shipping cost in my bank account, OR tracking…Can someone tell me what’s REALLY going on, here? Why couldn’t the rest of my stuff already have been shipped, even if it was this DD bracket that was causing the delay? Nearing two full months…I want to keep faith, as I read EVERYWHERE that ‘simlab is GREAT’, but my patience is wearing thin. Something has got to give, especially so when I’m reading very recent reviews, of customers receiving their stuff in a timely manner, while I’m sitting here with nothing, after spending nigh $1000 USD with your company. Please get in touch, SOON.

    • Nevena Mitrovic

      Hi Tyler, you will hear from us today.

  10. Dan (verified owner)

    Got this bracket for the GT1 and it’s great a must for DD wheel owners

  11. Juergen H. (verified owner)

    Today I got my mounting bracket, but one of the big side panels can not be mounted on the profile, because the distance between the two drillings is too short by 1 or 2 millimeter. I would correct it by myself, but I dnot have the proper tools. The other panel fits.

    I have not yet checked if the DD will fit… .

    • Richard Schouteren

      Hello Juergen, We have looked into it and the holes have a 1mm mistake. Many people have managed to mount it, it should work when unscrewing 1 side and inserting the bolt first.

  12. Juergen H. (verified owner)

    Hello Richard, I drilled the holes bigger and now it fits perfectly! Everything is very stable and looks great.
    But 2 M8 screws are missing to fix the wheel. Instead of that I got 4 x M6 screws, they are needed for what?
    Greetings, Juergen

  13. Florian

    Unfortunately not a master piece in terms of manufacturing. Even with the new brakets the assembly wasn’t easy. The holes or the larger brakets are a bit off, it works but not great. The anodization of the black aluminum bars have some mistakes. When everything is assembled it works fine

    • Richard Schouteren

      Hi Florian, we have cleared all the production errors in the first batch. All holes lign up now. If there is anything you need help with please contact us!

  14. Hampus Söderberg (verified owner)

    Now my DD1 is rock solid to the rig, also great mounting point for a display etc.

    Would’ve needed 10 M8 bolts to mount it but only got 6 and 4 additional which was M6. Surprised it hasn’t been fixed as it’s been mentioned in other reviews.

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