Front mounting bracket set

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Front mount bracket is made from 15mm black coated aluminium plate.

Package contains:

  • Front mount bracket assembly (600 mm width)
  • Side brackets
  • Four connector brackets
  • Caps and fasteners

Supports following servo types:

  • MiGe 130ST series
  • Bodnar Simsteering Kollmorgen AKM Series 5X
  • Lenze MCS12H
  • Fanatec CSW v1, v2, v2.5
  • SimuCube 2 Sport, Pro. Ultimate

Note: Dashboard bracket is no intended to be used with Fanatec CSL wheel.

Front mount bracket can be used in DIY builds and as an upgrade to following rigs:

  • P1
  • GT1 (discontinued)
  • GT-Cup

Front mount bracket is not compatible with:

  • GT1 EVO
  • TR1
  • GT2

Link to dxf file:

Additional information

Weight 5000 g

12 reviews for Front mounting bracket set

  1. Mike Theunissen

    Easy and good looking solution to bolt your wheel base (my case large OSW) to your rig.

  2. Stefan Henkel (verified owner)

    okay, also die Lackierung oder Pulverbeschichtung ist nicht perfekt. In manchen Ecken fehlt es etwas.
    Und die 6 Nutsteine hätte man auch noch dabei legen dürfen. Womit soll ich das jetzt fest schrauben?

    • Richard Schouteren

      We dont know which slot type you will fix the Front Mount on so we chose to not add them. Might need to include it in the description!

  3. Emad A (verified owner)

    By far the best wheel bracket that I ever used zero flex excellent work sim-lap you guys are the best In making racing rigs and accessories keep up the great work

  4. Degamamers

    Hi, may i know what is the total width
    (side end to end) dimension ?

    • Richard Schouteren

      600 mm

  5. Degamamers

    Can this wheel brqcket fit for use for SC2 pro motor ?

    • Richard Schouteren

      Yes that works

  6. Dmitry

    Can this wheel brаcket fit for use for Accuforce PRO V2, Fanatec Podium ?

    • Richard Schouteren

      Hi, no you need the wheeldeck for the AF V2!

  7. Heikki Mehtänen (verified owner)

    Quite sturdy, fits my P1 perfectly and has the looks to impress any simracing enthusiast! However, did only give 4/5 due to certain things that I think could be further improved (would have given 4.5/5 if that was possible):

    1. Initially aligning the side brackets to the front bracket using two 90 degree brackets requires hands of a surgeon and balance of an acrobat – it could have little slots milled in on the backside that would center / properly align the 90 degree brackets when installing. Also the photos show single 40x80mm bracket, instead the product does come with two 40x40mm brackets
    2. No washers included for helping in attaching the OSW, would be awesome to have black washers to go with the motor mounting bolts
    3. It is 80mm narrower than my previous P1 original front mount, however that does not stay in set angle very well and has other drawbacks. After all I would’ve liked dimensionally equal front mount due to button box mounting and such that I now had to adapt to narrower front bracket in the mount. Maybe a version where the front bracket is 100mm wider and the mounting / adjustment brackets are mounted on the outer side of P1 wheel stand upright profiles would be nice for people with a bit more real estate needs on their front mount
    4. No assembly instructions (no one really needs these though) and really weird amount of extra hardware that comes along (4x M6 riser bolts, 4x M6 bolts, 3x M8 nylock nuts)
    5. No customization option for color – this would be awesome. Obviously one can always paint it themselves, but it would be nice to get the powder painted finish with a color of my choice (e.g. from the RAL color map).

    In conclusion it is a great product for intended use. Some minor things could be changed, but seriously it is quite hard to make it actually any better. Would definitely recommend for SimLab rig owners and DIY builds too!

  8. Bernhard

    Hi Richard,
    could you please confirm it is supporting the Simucube 2 Ultimate?! It’s written in the description, but since the Ultimate has quite different dimensions (surprisingly smaller ones than the Sport or Pro) I’d like to double check..

    • Richard Schouteren

      Yes supports SC2 Ultimate

  9. kurtmarr

    does this fit the p1-x?

    • Richard Schouteren


  10. Benjamin

    Will there be a similar front mount available in the future for the GT1-EVO?
    I use the GT1-Evo deck with the DD wheel mount bracket for my Simucube but the deck gives notable flex. I would like to upgrade to a front mounting system without chopping and re-arranging my rig (or buying the P1-X…my GT1-Evo is only 1 year old 😀 )

  11. Yugant

    Please make this for TR1 cockpit so I can mount my SC2

  12. Benoit (verified owner)

    What is the thickness of the side mount plates? It looks like it is a bit less than the front plate.

    • Richard Schouteren

      10 mm 🙂

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