MiGe wheel adapter

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Aluminium adapter piece that fits on the MiGe 22 mm axle. It clamps the axle with 2 bolts for a tight fit. Anodised black finish.


  • Suited for Mige “small” 130ST-M10010
  • Suited for Mige “Large” 130ST-M15015
  • Adapter side has a 70 mm pitch bolt circle with (6x) 6mm holes
  • Lenght 80 mm

Additional information

Weight 420 g

2 reviews for MiGe wheel adapter

  1. Mike Theunissen (verified owner)

    Very nice adapter, easy to install thanks to the two bolts on the side which clamps the adapter to the OSW axle easily. Very durable and nice looking thanks to matte black finish.

  2. Garrett Griffin

    No grabpoints like Q1R, also Cheaper, and allows some adjustability of steering wheel forward and backward.

    Really spot-on for my application. Thank You SimLab

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