NLR motion base mounting brackets for P1(-X)

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NLR motion base mounting brackets for P1(-X). These brackets allow to lower the NLR motion base into the P1(-X) chassis and obtain a normal seating position.

5 reviews for NLR motion base mounting brackets for P1(-X)

  1. CALVIN. Spence

    I have the. Next Level Motion Platform V3 , How can I install it to the P1 X IF I Purches this P1 X, Please email me back soon,

  2. torsteinvh (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly fine on a GT1 Evo on caster wheels as well 🙂

  3. Liam

    Perfect for on the P1-X, it’s so quick and easy to fit, the NLR platform looks like it was made specially for the P1-X with this bracket.

  4. frank ZENON

    Damn, I just got NLR motion platform today 2/25/2020 and discovered it doesn’t fit my new TR1 chassis, i’m trying to figure it out but so far no ideas…can anyone suggest something before returning it back…we’re talking $3K here…

    • Richard Schouteren

      Send us an email, end maybe we can assist with the mounting.

  5. Bill Pritchard (verified owner)

    Great product and easy to install, but… I think it leaves the motion platform sitting too high still. I’d like to get it lower so the steering wheel is higher. Right now, I have my wheel at the top of the uprights and still need it to go higher. If you make a V2 of this, make it so the motion platform sits deeper into the chassis. My chassis is on the casters so it has lots of room underneath.

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