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Quad monitor mount add-on, for adding a fourth monitor to the triple monitor stand. All parts needed to convert your triple monitor stand into a Quad monitor stand are included. The middle bar used for supporting the 4th monitor has a length of 850mm, and so fixating the width between the “legs” of the triple monitor stand. Please inform if a custom length is needed for your setup.

Kit includes:

  • Pivot plates (triple monitor brackets)
  • VESA mount 100 or 200 mm
  • Profiles
  • Bolts & nuts
  • Plastic endcaps


  • Adaptable to different screen sizes
  • Inclination

How to determine VESA size?

To determine VESA size of plates you need in order to mount your monitors, you can measure the vertical and horizontal spacing between mounting holes on the back of your screen.

Additional information

Weight 21000 g
Monitor mount type

Integrated monitor mount, Triple monitor mount

VESA mount

100 mm, 200 mm

Shipping information

Current production time for Quad monitor stand – addon:

  • EU orders: 5 business days
  • Export orders: 10 business days

4 reviews for Quad monitor stand add-on

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    The stand does what it is supposed to do: holds up to 4 monitors, rock solid, no flex, just HOLDING. That’s what I have expected. (at the moment I just have three screens 27” …), 4th will come, sooner or later.

    Rock solid, quite easy to built – left and right monitor arms, well, you have to think about it first, than mount it. This is (the only) tricky part of building it. Especially if you are like me … I want to have the monitors PERFECTLY aligned, no tolerance 🙂

    5 Stars for Quality
    4 Stars for Price
    5 Stars for Customized Solutions & Support (e.g., I needed customized VESA spacers …)
    3 Stars for Logistics (order to delivery – no comment, 1 parcel got lost, kit list to check at arrival missing etc. – room for improvement Richard 🙂

    Overall: 4 Stars. Thumbs up!

    Reach out for Richard in case of questions. I found him always supportive and very responsive.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ryan J Kolbe

    I purchased a custom version of this stand in order to accommodate my Lay-Z-Boy Recliner which was easily fulfilled by Richard at Sim-Lab.

    Ordering & Delivery: After ensuring the stand would fit my needs Richard sent the stand via FedEx which came 2 days earlier than expected. The package was slightly dented but the items within were in perfect condition. All parts and accessories were included even with a few extra T-Bolts just in case.

    Assembly: Even without instructions included (sent later via email) I was able to easily put the stand together just using the photo of the stand. The stand is very sturdy and with monitors attached there is no unwanted movement or sag allowing the monitors to remain perfectly lined up.

    Negative: The only negative I have which once assembled as desired is a non-issue is the few locations where screws/bolts are only accessible by removing other screws/bolts making small adjustments for those areas a larger task. Again this becomes a non-issue once the stand is completed.

    Final Thoughts: I love this stand, I am able to sit in my recliner while being surrounded by Nvidia Surround enabled games while having whatever else I want on the 4th monitor above. The quality and stability of the stand is excellent.

    Thank you again Richard!


  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Johnny Verhoeff

    I bought this monitor stand so that the monitors would NOT be attached to my GT1 rig.
    So that the monitors would not move when (violently) turning the wheel etc.

    And it is just perfect once installed.
    No flex at all between all 4 monitors and has good adjustability in both height and angle.

    While it has good adjustability, getting the monitors perfect (touching eachother) is still a bit cumbersome.
    When the monitor is mounted you cannot reach the screws anymore to move the vesa plate, so you cannot move the monitor.
    So you have to figure out how many cm you have to adjust, take the monitor off, adjust, and put the monitor back on and see if everything is correct etc..

    While it is a bit cumbersome, the end result is a rock solid monitorstand that will survive an earthquake and the monitors would still be level.

    Great product and service !!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    christopher (verified owner)

    I’d been looking for a triple (or quad) monitor rig for about a year, but one that would take 34″ curved monitors. From my searches, most catered for screens up to 27-28″. I lucked upon this site on Reddit, and given the excellent YouTube Tutorial, I decided to buy the Triple Monitor Stand and this additional Quad Monitor Stand. Whilst there are no instructions (unlike the cup holder add-on), it is fairly straightforward to put together. Make sure you plan all the parts, because it will save you have to undo the components when you forget something (as I did), The parts listed here are slightly different from what I received, but I’d say what I got was actually a better setup.

    This worked incredibly well with my three 34″ Samsung CF791s and my iMac as the fourth monitor. There are plenty of minor adjustments you can make as well, so there is a lot of flexibility in them. I ordered the cable tie add-ons as well, and I’ve just ordered a second set, as you can never have too many.

    I don’t used this rig for VR Racing, but for development and casual gaming.

    This is how my current rig looks, I have a spot of cable tidying to do when my next cable tie clips arrive:


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