Sparco Grid Q – Bucket seat


  • FIA 8855-1999 approved
  • Removable modular cushions
  • Just 6.8kg in weight


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The Sparco Grid Q competition seat has been designed with multiple removable cushions to offer the driver more options to customise the fit. Manufactured using Sparco’s Q production method has reduced the weight by a massive 2.5kg over the older Grid II seat (now only 6.8kg)

  • QRT manufacturing process for a much lighter seat with no compromise on safety or rigidity
  • Removable ‘modular’ cushions for a more tailored fit
  • High lateral leg support and low profile leg cushion keep drivers legs withing the seat for improved safety

The modular cushions on the Grid Q seat are held in place with velcro so they can easily be removed or re-positioned as required. All of the cushions can be removed to facilitate a resin seat kit to be used. The lightweight fibreglass shell is rigid and features 5 harness slots and side mount threaded receptacles.

FIA 8855-1999 Approved

What is QRT?

QRT (Quick Resin Technology) is a state of the art manufacturing process developed by Sparco to create the lightest and most resilient fibreglass shell seats currently available. The QRT range of seats offer a 30% reduction in weight, compared to a fibreglass seat manufactured using traditional methods, with no compromise to safety or quality.

Additional information

Weight 8000 g

Seat dimensions

Shipping information

Attention before you order the seat:

  • Due to the extremely high shipping costs, we ship and sell seats only to EU based customers.
  • For the same reason we charge 20% handling fee for seat return.
  • Race seats are narrower than regular seats and if you’re uncertain that you’ll feel comfortable sitting in it, you should choose LTEC PRO PLUS.


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