Wheel deck Bracket

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This one piece manufactured wheel deck bracket from aluminium hard-mounts Fanatec, Logitech, Thrustmaster and the AccuForce wheels. All Fanatec Club Sport range and CSL range wheels are supported. The side-plate are welded giving the bracket a minimalistic look, and provides optimum adjustability.

This wheel deck bracket can be used in DIY builds and as an upgrade to following rigs:

  • P1
  • GT1 (discontinued)
  • GT-Cup

Wheel deck bracket is not compatible with:

  • GT1 EVO
  • TR1
  • GT2

Additional information

Weight 5000 g

6 reviews for Wheel deck Bracket

  1. Dmytro Kostiuchenko

    I have no words!
    This thing is very solid, very usefull in mounting and wheel support and beautiful!!!
    I thought it will be in silver color. But it is black! Looks very sexy!

    Big thanks to Darko from sim-lab support for a big help to ship it to Ukraine!

    • Richard Schouteren

      Happy your satisfied! 🙂 greetings Simlab

  2. Mark

    Hi there does this fit on the gt2 rig?

    • Richard Schouteren

      No it doesnt .You can contact us per mail please.

  3. Ofir Zenou (verified owner)

    Great product.
    The wheel motor is stable, on high DD torque is just dosn’t move at all.
    Adjustable wheeldeck.
    Thabk you.

  4. Martin Lohse (verified owner)

    You can’t fit your wheelbase better. Very solid and it looks great.
    Special thanks to darko who send me some nice simlab stickers.

  5. Atanas Goshev

    Does this wheel deck bracket come with bolts and nuts for mounting?

    • Richard Schouteren

      Hi Atanas, yes it does.

  6. bobino12

    I have two Fanatec wheel bases, the DD2 and the CSW 2.5. Does this braket will do the job for both or do I need to buy the Fanatec Podium mounting bracket for the DD2 ?

    • Richard Schouteren

      Works perfect for both yes!

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