Short break

Hi everyone,

We need to take a short brake with taking new orders so we can clear up the queue, start with a clean slate and implement our new website.

Estimated time when the sales will be available again is TWO WEEKS.

To all customers with standing orders – This pause will not in any way reflect your orders.

23 thoughts on “Short break

  1. Ben

    Thanks for the update. Glad to know your fine work is in demand. And I appreciate that you make an effort to keep your customers informed while putting quality ahead of quantity.

  2. Marti

    Hi, I ordered the triple monitor mount and the adjustable feet at the end of December into January from Demon Tweeks. I also ordered the P1-X before all of this and that has arrived a few weeks ago. Is there any chance I get these items within the next 2 weeks?

    Thanks for updating us aswell

      1. Marti Douglas

        Just another update, I have received the accessories box I believe. It has the brackets, screws, black plates etc but haven’t received the aluminium profiling yet to actually build it. I don’t have a clue what is going on, not sure if UPS has potentially messed up the delivery. Thanks

  3. Scott cherington

    To anyone coming here concerned. These guys are worth the wait. My gt1 Evo took a lot longer to ship than expected due to demand. However they kept in touch and I received it. It is absolutely solid and it is absolutely worth bearing with them as they transition and upscale the business.

  4. aris86panos

    Hey there, placed my order # 41459 on 25th, a keyboard tray and two other small accessories. Are they also put on hold? Cause when I ordered them they were clearly available.
    Please let me know when you’re going to post them.
    Thank you.

  5. Joe

    Same question as above, Will you still be shipping during this break for orders that have been placed earlier in January?

  6. racercal

    Hi there. I ordered my P1-X on 6th Jan and have heard nothing since. Sent you a few emails and not received any replies either. I appreciate you’re all hard at work but may I please have an update on my order? Thanks.

  7. milo

    Hi Guys,

    Can’t wait to be able to order your products, but you should definitely take as much time as you need to get up and running again. Looking forward to the news!


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