Sim-Lab.EU is now faster and more secure


As much as we’re dedicated to bringing you the best product for your money, we’re also trying to make your stay on our site as pleasant and secure as possible. With that in mind, we spent the last couple of weeks on improving our website’s infrastructure, and the result of that effort is VPS hosted and fully SSL enabled Sim-Lab.


Security wise, from today our entire site, and not just members and purchase area, are fully SSL encrypted, meaning that nobody can intercept your data being exchanged with our servers. And since we’re now hosted on winstrol VPS server, that means improved the security of your data, too.


If you’re a returning visitor, you’ve probably noticed a significant improvement in page loading speed. We’re striving to send white loading pages and sluggish responsiveness to the past, and these improvements are just a result of an ongoing project in a complete revamp of Sim-Lab.

Speed tests showed that the page loading speed improved from 6+ seconds to 1.4 seconds on average (depending on the current server load).