Vacation notice

Hi everybody,

We had a blistering first half of 2018! Thanks for all the support and the trust you put into our products. You guys rock! Now we need to have a short break to replenish the stocks and spends some time with family. We will temporarily pause taking orders from 14th of July, and resume on 11th of August.

We will make use of that time to resolve the current backlog of orders (along with all the orders placed by 14th of July) and process them fully by 26th of July. We will be available for all support questions and inquiries you may have during that period, as we usually do.

Have a great summer time!

Sneak peek GT1 evo:

Highlights: pedal deck fabricated from 1 piece of aluminium and compatible with Heusinkveld pro pedals, Fanatec Clubsport + CLS pedals, Thrustmaster and Logitec pedals. New wheeldeck design compatible with Fanatec wheels (including the new podium series DD1 and DD2), Thrustmaster and Logitech wheels. Special add-on will be available for MiGe Servo’s. Pricing: Silver EUR 399,- (329 ex. VAT) Black EUR 499,- (412 ex VAT).

35 thoughts on “Vacation notice

  1. Juice

    Hope that you guys have a great and restful Summer break, can I expect any news on the GT1 BLACK before you guys have your break, some thing like an ETA. I know that you havent even officaly annouced it yet.
    But this waiting is killing me guys 🙁

    1. Richard Schouteren

      Hi! Thanks! We have news on that for sure, and are quite excited about it! We have redesigned the GT1, and we will call it the GT1 evo. It will partly fill up the gap that the Cup left in the range, which many felt it left. I believe the design came out nice, and we will be posting pictures soon. Best news is the silver version will be set at 399 EUR inc. VAT, and the black 499. The first production run is already on its way! 🙂

      1. Juice

        Hmmm… Yeah i’ll deffo need to see some pictures, as what I had in mind. was to attactch 4DOF motion to the base of it, and I just need to that little bit of reassurance 40/80 would provide for me, it may seem that you may be going for a lower profile other than 40/80 for the base frame. ;(
        And also was hopefully looking to add a front mounting wheel deck to acompany the DD wheel base.
        I really can’t go down the P1 route as the the whole system would start to become too weighty for my flat that I live in.
        I am sure that there can be compromise somwhere along the line. And tbf BLACK was what I really was waiting on.
        Still…. eager to see what you guys have done, still hoping, fingers crossed 🙂

          1. Hagen


            would love to see a forward of that mail 😉 In production means it can be ordered after your vacation?

            Enjoy your summer break, I hope the backlog isn’t to long.

  2. Juice

    Just got your mail Rich, and If I can put a front facing mount on this rig, then I reckon I would probaly be one of the first to buy this. And the price is very, very good too, I can almost say that this will sell pretty well.
    Cant wait to get my paws on it now I really can’t 🙂 🙂

    my lips are sealed

  3. Lars

    This is very interesting news, I was just about ready to pull the trigger on the GT1, so the timing couldn’t be better. hope you enjoy your vacation:-)

  4. Jason Fish

    Hey Richard,

    Anyway I can take a peek at the new GT1 EVO design? I’m really excited to order one of your guys rigs.

    Have a good holiday!

  5. Anwar Beroual-Smith

    Hi! Will the GT1 Evo be available for order around the end of August? I am looking at getting upgrades for myself around the end of Aug/early Sept including DD wheel etc and have always wanted a Sim Lab set up – seems the GT1 Evo will be perfect for my price range!

  6. Phil Lee

    I’ve been looking at your cockpits for a while and really like the look of the new GT1 Evo. Will it support the AccuForce v2 wheel?

  7. Jason Yu

    Richard, between the GT1 and GT1 Evo, which one would be more suitable for the new Fanatec Podium wheel base?

    Looking at the Evo, it appears to be a light weight GT1?

    1. Jon

      Hey Jason, looks like they will have a wheel front mount deck available for the Evo. Fanatec DD and CSW wheel base support being front mounted. It’s plenty strong.

  8. Jason Fish

    Unfortunately, I just recently spoke to Fanatec, it was written incorrectly, the DD does not support front mount. Those bolt holes are meant for accessories such as the static shifters I believe.

    If you look on their website, they have already corrected.

  9. mike

    I guys im 6.2 im looking good rig and from the u.k what should I go for the gt or p1 im fanatec cal atm but looking to upgrade to fanatec dd2….and what triple stand should I go for mounted or separate triple stand …thanks

    1. Richard Schouteren

      Hi Mike, it depends a bit on your personal preference. The P1 is suited foremost for DD wheels. The loose standing triple is easier to move for example, but needs additional footprint. The integrated mount is more compact. Looks definitely play a role !

  10. Tshoay

    Curios about the GT1 evo pedal platform. It says out of one piece aluminium, but the picture looks like a bent sheet. So, is it milled out of an alu block or a bent alu sheet?

    Also, the wheel dashboard is bent steel?

    1. Richard Schouteren

      Hi! Its indeed a 1 piece alu sheet, which is 5mm thick and giving the whole a lot of structural rigidity. The wheeldeck is also a bend piece of alu.

  11. John Leach

    I am chasing up an order delivery, can you guys please update me? The phone number on your site goes to a voicemail box.
    Triple Monitor Stand.
    Many thanks!


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