Aluminium Extrusion Profile 40-Series

40x40: min 100mm

To place an order for our custom-length aluminum extrusion profiles, please contact us at and specify the required size and dimensions. You can refer to the available lengths and sizes of our 40-Series Aluminium Extrusion listed below before placing your order.

The 40-Series Aluminium Extrusion Profile we use at Sim-Lab is a high-quality Aluminium profile produced in the EU. The Aluminium profiles are anodized black and have a satin finish.

At Sim-Lab, we tailor our profiles to meet your specific requirements. As such, we do not keep readily available stock in the specified lengths. This means that the production of custom profiles typically takes 10-15 working days.

It is important to keep in mind that custom orders are non-refundable and non-returnable once you have placed and confirmed your order. Therefore, please take your time to consider your requirements before placing your order.


40x40L or 40x80L or 40x120L or 40x160L

Length in mm

At Sim-Lab, we offer custom-cut profiles with lengths ranging from 100mm to 1400mm. To ensure the highest quality and precision, we need the length of your profile to fall within an acceptable range that is divisible by 5. This means that any length between 100mm and 1400mm that can be evenly divided by 5 (for example, 105mm, 110mm, 115mm, etc.) is an acceptable length for us.

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