Q: How do I get in touch? Send an email to info@sim-lab.eu

Q: Do you ship to my XYZ Country? – We are shipping worldwide, and covering a big part with our shipping methods in the shop. Not all countries are supported yet, in that case, please send an email to get a custom quote on shipping.

Q: Shipping, how much that costs? – Shipping cost is calculated based on weight. When adding to the cart total weights are automatically updated. Big profile packages like the GT1 weigh about 40 kg total and are costly to ship. To get an idea of what to expect below a list of shipping cost.

GT1 chassis to:

United states: 175 EUR
Canada: 175 EUR
Australia: 200 EUR
New Zealand: 200 EUR
Middle East: 200 EUR
Asia: 250 EUR

Q: Is VAT included? Prices are shown depending on the region you are located. Outside the EU 21% VAT is automatically deducted from the cost price. The check-out page shows the correct amount for the order.

Q: Do you love sim racing as much as me? Yes we do!

Q: How do I pay? By PayPal or Bank Transfer. The web shop supports PayPal payments (which also supports credit card payments). When bank transfer is preferred please send us a message.

Q: I have placed an order on the website and after 3 days it still says processing? We are working diligently to get the order packed up and shipped. Sometimes it happens one part of the order in out of stock, and we are waiting for parts to arrive. The stock situation is improving every day though.

Q: My order is marked as complete, but I didn’t receive the package. What does this mean? Your order is shipped.

Q: What is the difference between the GT-cup & GT1 chassis? The GT1 is built out of bigger profiles that give more rigidity. For example, the base of the GT1 is double the size of the GT-cup. This translates one on one to the cost. Also, the GT1 has two extra mounting points included in the packages. This doesn’t necessarily mean the GT-cup isn’t a rigid platform to mount your gear on, it does, however, it is recommended to use the Triple screen support with the GT1 & P1 chassis, and use a loose standing triple for the GT-cup.