GT1-EVO Direct Drive mount

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This direct drive mount mounts the Original OSW/Simucube SC2/Bodnar to your GT1-EVO.

All materials included.

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Black, Silver

6 reviews for GT1-EVO Direct Drive mount

  1. K

    Is it compatible with Simucube 2?

    • Richard Schouteren


  2. Benjamin Menger (verified owner)

    I like the looks of the DD mount and it’s very solid and I love the black matte finish… BUT… it has a very (!) limited range of adjustable angle.

    For some people it might be enough but I need it a bit more tilted so I couldn’t use this mount. Instead I had to use the DD mount I got from simracingbay when I bought the Simucube Small Mige. I never liked to use it because it has a glossy finish… but you can adjust a very wide range of angle with it (up to 40°, I run it at 23°).. while with the sold one here only around 10°. that’s an issue for me 🙁

    Maybe in the future there will be a revisited version which provides wider angle adjustments.

    • Richard Schouteren

      Will will look into it! Thanks for sharing.

  3. LL

    How can it be installed? Is it just to replace the wheel deck plate and attached to the two arm plates? Or the two arm plates are not needed and it is attached to the horizontal bar with connector brackets (included?) on the inside?

    • Richard Schouteren

      All materials are included. The 2 forward aiming profiles are included. The long crossbar is part of the Evo cockpit profile kit.

  4. Martin

    Is it copatible with the AccuForce Wheel DIY Kit?

    • Richard Schouteren

      We don’t think so! But its easy to drill extra holes.

  5. Ryan Barneveld (verified owner)


    What is the lead time for this product?

    Thank you.

    • Richard Schouteren

      Standard 5-10 days

  6. Yoep de Ligt (verified owner)

    Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. At first I had my doubts about the strength of this particular mount and was kind of bummed I couldn’t get the big and thick front mounting bracket to use on my GT1 EVO. After some reassurance from Richard I decided to go ahead and get this mount instead of fabricating something myself, or modifying the front mount bracket. It turns out Richard was right, and it holds my SC2 very, very well. If there is any flex at all it is nigh-on impossible to notice while driving!

    Comes with all necessary parts, and as with all things Sim-Lab installation is quick and fool proof; If you’re unable to make this work, you shouldn’t be messing with DD wheels in the first place! The matte black finish matches the SC2 and black anodized rig to a tee. There’s some adjustability in terms of angle, should you need it.

    If I would have to name one downside it would be that having the extra two bits of profile sticking out might be a problem in some seating positions when it comes to knee-clearance and/or getting in and out of the cockpit. However an inventive mind will probably find a position/solution to make it work.

    All in all, solid product and a great match for the SC2!

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