GT1-EVO reinforcement plate


This reinforcement plate is ONLY needed for pre-2020 shipped GT1-EVOs. All EVOs shipped in 2020 have a reinforced steel pedal plate.


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This GT1-EVO reinforcement plate is freely available for all GT1-EVO users using the Heusinkveld Sprint pedals. The plate consists of 5mm lasercut steel, doubling the total thickness to 10mm and eliminating local flexing of the original pedal plate.

This plate is manufactured in such a way it’s ONLY usable in combination with Sprint pedals. Other holes are blinded off while using this plate.

2 version of this pedal tray are made. Please look closely to identify yours and select the right plate!

GT1-EVO Old Pattern

GT1-EVO Old Pattern

GT1-EVO New Pattern

GT1-EVO New Pattern

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Weight 4500 g

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