GT1-EVO reinforcement plate

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This reinforcement plate is ONLY needed for pre-2020 shipped GT1-EVOs. All EVOs shipped in 2020 have a reinforced steel pedal plate.


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This GT1-EVO reinforcement plate is freely available for all GT1-EVO users using the Heusinkveld Sprint pedals. The plate consists of 5mm lasercut steel, doubling the total thickness to 10mm and eliminating local flexing of the original pedal plate.

This plate is manufactured in such a way it’s ONLY usable in combination with Sprint pedals. Other holes are blinded off while using this plate.

2 version of this pedal tray are made. Please look closely to identify yours and select the right plate!

GT1-EVO Old Pattern

GT1-EVO Old Pattern

GT1-EVO New Pattern

GT1-EVO New Pattern

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Weight 4500 g

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10 reviews for GT1-EVO reinforcement plate

  1. benoit valery

    Hello Team,
    Any news when this item will be available for orders ? I’d like to group my next purchase 🙂

    Best regards.

    • Richard Schouteren

      We will set it online in a week.

  2. Damiano Bonetti

    is this plate compatible with TR1 rig? If yes, it should be mounted over or under the original plate?

    Thank you,
    Best regards

    • Richard Schouteren

      Sorry not compatible, you have problems with flex on the TR1 plate?

  3. David (verified owner)

    Just ordered mine. Cheers Sim Labs <3

  4. Damiano Bonetti

    “Sorry not compatible, you have problems with flex on the TR1 plate?”
    Yes, there is noticeable flex with pedals mounted directly on the plate; so much better with the Sprints baseplate mounted on top of the TR1 plate but still a tiny flex under heavy braking, so I was looking for a 100% rock solid solution.
    Thinking about going overkill mounting some aluminumn profiles under the plate at this point, is it a good solution in your opinion?

    Thanks in advance,
    Best regards

    • Richard Schouteren

      Best way is to replace the whole pedal tray for an aluminium one like it used to be with the GT2 rig.

  5. Mihai Pop

    Do i really need this if I’m not using hv pedals? I use fanatec v3 with hardest rubbers and never had any flex, can’t say the same about my gtomega rs9 seat every time i brake hard the seat flexes alot I’m sure it will snap soon lol

    • Richard Schouteren

      No no need for anything else then the sprint pedals!

  6. J.Dobbek

    I have dfas GT1 Evo. Do you need this plate? If yes, which? I have the sprint pedals

    • Richard Schouteren

      If you have problems with flex yes then you need it.

  7. J.Dobbek

    Do I have to pay transport costs?

    • Richard Schouteren


  8. Guido Trampe

    Hi team. Will this also work with the Heusinkveld PRO pedals? We installed those on my sons GT1. Noticed flex so stiffer plate is wanted. To my knowledge Pro and sprint overlapping mounting size. Will this fit the pro? Or can we adjust plate to fit (drill)?

    • Richard Schouteren

      Yes it works also for the Pro pedals!

  9. David H (verified owner)

    Received mine today. Makes a massive difference. No flex at all. Thanks guys. And let me apologize to your support team for nagging about it. But they’ve been top notch as usual. Love you all <3

  10. Ian

    Is the Heel rest plate V2 compatible with this reinforcement plate for the Sprints?

    • Richard Schouteren

      No, unless you drill holes in it.

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