GT1-Evo Sim Racing Cockpit

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The updated version of the Gt1-Evo cockpit has an all-steel 5 mm thick pedal plate strong enough to cope with the forces of the Heusinkveld Sprint pedal set. Further more compatibel with the Fanatec Clubsport + CLS pedals, Thrustmaster and Logitec pedals.

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The new wheel-deck design is compatible with Fanatec wheels (including the new podium series DD1 and DD2), Thrustmaster and Logitech wheels.

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Special add-on will be available for MiGe Servo’s.

Extras included:

  • Rubber feet


Additional information

Weight 30000 g

Grey anodised, Black anodised

78 reviews for GT1-Evo Sim Racing Cockpit

  1. Michael Jaggie (verified owner)

    After owning this GT1-EVO rig for over a month now (I was one of the early adaptors for this rig I guess) it’s time to write a review om this awesome product.

    It started with the pickup, everything was neatly wrapped and packed, after the drive home I immediatley started with the build.. Everything was straight forward and the drawing was clear and easy to understand.

    After a while (guess it took me 2-3 hours and some beers to complete the build) the basic GT1-EVO stood on his own and was ready to adjust to personal preference. I noticed that the newly improved wheeldeck and pedaldeck were really amazing and I could find the sweet spot after a couple of tries. Since then I didn’t move anything as it is to my liking! I came from a DIY wooden rig with some flex in it and I must say this is just 10x better in rigidity and overal strength.

    Had done some races with it and I can say now it was totally worth it. The FFB of my wheel felt much smoother/sharper because of the lack in flex. Together with the triple monitor stand from Richard this is a rock solid piece of equipment that I would never ever replace (or only by the P1 maybe haha)

    Thanks Richard for the great service on everything, I’m very happy with the GT1-EVO and would recommend it to everyone.

    P.s. keep me posted on any updates you have 🙂
    P.s.s. I’m a BIG guy and I found that the GT1-EVO is perfect in size with its smaller footprint, I think even people that are close to 2.00m in length should fit without problems.


  2. Luis Perez

    I was a previous owners of an RSeat Evo but when latelly started to look at upgrading my cockpit. From the beginning Sim-Lab products and their extensive reviews, specially on Youtube, got my attention. Still, wasn’t 100% convinced until I attended the 2018 ADAC SimRacing Expo where I tried other cockpits and finally made my mind to get a Sim-Lab GT1 Evo. Its price, constructibility and ease for modification were the essentials for this to be my rig. As soon as I received it, started to assemble it. Was so impressed with the cockpit, its construction cleanliness (workmanship by Sim-Lab A+++) and ease of assembly that I ordered the triple monitor mount, sim (PC) shelf, keyboard tray and speaker mounting brackets. I went all out!!!

    After a week of racing on a daily basis, decided to write this review because this product deserves it. I have not driven this good in my years as a SimRacer. The zero play in all the components have made me a better driver with a shorter reaction time. All the peripherals are anchored (yes… anchored is a better expression than bolted) so tight that there is NO deflection in any of the cockpit members. Can’t say anything more than THANK YOU Richard!!!! By the way, they have the best customer service. Also, I want to give special thanks to Darko. Great job guys!!!

    Excellent products! You can’t go wrong with a Sim-Lab product!

  3. Adam Woodall (verified owner)

    Bought a few months ago after shopping for a long time.

    So glad i went for this one, great build easy to setup once you figure it out and rock solid.

  4. Christian Bürgin

    Hi together

    Im wondering witch dimensions the GT1 Evo Rig have. Can you tell me more about it?

    Thanks a lot

    • Richard Schouteren

      Hi! The footprint is 1350x560mm

  5. Sebastiaan Duinkerken (verified owner)

    After spending a lot of time researching simulation cockpits I decided to go with a Sim Lab cockpit. Mainly because of the good reviews and service reputation.

    I own the GT EVO (black) for about a month now and am very happy with my choice. The cockpit is very solid and you can adjust the seating, steering and pedal position perfectly. The service you get is also top notch. I had several question before, during and after receiving the cockpit and was always helped in a fast and kind manner. Packaging was also good. Construction was straight forward after studying the manual. Adjusting the position for the seat, steering wheel and pedals took most of my time.

    Coming from a office chair and desk setup the investment was totally worth it. The FFB is more crisp (even with a G27 that I own now) and somehow it’s easier for me to drive on the limit and catch slides better. The feeling of immersion has improved greatly.

    All in all a great purchase and solid base for further upgrades. Highly recommended.

  6. Joe (verified owner)

    I spent a long time researching rigs to go with a Fanatec CSW 2.5 / V3 pedals setup, and after contacting a lot of the different product teams, Sim Labs was by far the quickest, nicest and informative of the lot, which really helped me drop a fairly large chunk of cash with them rather than competitors. Darko especially is an absolute credit to the business, I think my email trail with him must be a 100 replies long by now – many out of hours messages too. If they were local, I would be taking that guy out for beers!

    Anyway, on to the rig. I couldn’t be happier with the GT1-Evo – it’s rock solid, looks superb in black, and relatively cheap compared to some of the bigger offerings (such as the P1). I get absolutely zero flex, and being 8020 its just so adjustable, without much trouble at all. I have it on the caster wheels, which makes it super simple to wheel around my study.

    My one and only suggested improvement, would be the profile to attach the shifter on could be a little bit longer. I find that I have the shifter further away (as I have my seat quite far backwards, and do not want the wheel deck super close to me) than I would ideally like. Pretty minor to be honest, but it’s really the one bit I would adjust. I could no doubt just order a single longer profile from them if I wanted though, and that really is the beauty of 8020 rigs!

    • Richard Schouteren

      Thanks for the review! 🙂 We might think about to making it 420 mm.

  7. alexmillward85 (verified owner)

    Having researched for around two years and not being able to purchase a rig due to space limitations, I finally ended up on the GT1 Evo.

    At first it was between the GT1 and P1, but for my requirements (HE Pro/DD) and space available, I landed on the GT1 Evo.

    Though it’s supposed to be a more lightweight model, it’s still rock solid. This upgrade has been quite substantial as I was using a stand that would come up off the floor when catching slides, and now I can drive as aggressively as I want without any worry.

    I am 203cm in height and the Evo fits me in with room to spare. The adjustments available to you with the pedal deck, or at your seat, are enough, maybe even for someone a bit taller!

    These guys always get great reviews for their customer service, and my experience was great. Updates when I asked, and always answers questions.

    They went above and beyond in providing some updated parts, and I am very grateful for all the help.
    If any of my friends want to get a rig, I’ll be sure to point them your way!

  8. Lynden Edwards (verified owner)

    I’m am using the GT1 Evo with a Fanatic CSL Elite and CS V3 pedals. The rig was easy to put together, with some spare pieces that have come in very handy. I’ve been using it for a week or so and couldn’t be happier. It’s very sturdy, and quite heavy when fully equipped, so I would recommend ordering the castors if you want and easy time moving it around.

    I spent a lot of time researching all sorts of rigs, and I’m confident in saying that unless you want to go Dbox and/or a serious direct drive wheel… this rig will be more than enough. And if it isn’t, you can order more aluminium profile and make it perfect 🙂

    Thank you Sim-Lab, here’s to more happy racing!

  9. Bastian

    I was looking for a new rig for quite some time.

    It came down to the GT1 EVO and it was the best choice I could have made at this pricepoint.

    It is rigid, movable with casters, and still kind of compact.

    But what stands out even more than the product quality is the support.
    Yes dilevery time is quite long but dont get scared away by that. Its worth the wait.
    Any problem Idea or whatever you have you can discuss with Richard or Darko and they reply faster than lightspeed. Darko through in the screws and nuts needed to mount the seat for free even.

    I am very happy with my purchase and also like supporting a small company that puts a lot of effort into its customers and products.

  10. tightlines0804 (verified owner)

    After searching for some time, i was recommend this product, and all i can say is don’t be put off by the cheaper price this is very sturdy, Thanks to Darko who adjusted my basket as i didn’t need things that i had put in, delivery was very quick 6 days to the uk, also as a company they are very responsive to emails,

  11. Justus van der Kam (verified owner)

    Question, in a reaction on someone’s review you said that you were thinking of increasing the length of the the shifter holder to 420 mm. I bought it via the black friday sale so did you increase the lengt?

    • Richard Schouteren

      If you make an order and put it in the notes we pack another profile no problem. At this point they are all 330 mm still.

  12. Chris

    how does this compare to the tr1 ? and how do the footprint s compare?

    • Richard Schouteren

      Hi the TR1 is different easier to get in and out but not ideal to attach a lot of perhepirals too. The evo is more straight forward. The Evo’s foot print is a small bit bigger but its only cm’s. Both are equally strong.

  13. Kristiaan Sol (verified owner)

    I have been racing with this sim rig (black edition) since early October,along with Sim Labs integraded triple monitor stand and keyboard tray pared with Fanatec CS V2.5 wheel and CS V3 pedals.
    Im 1.92 tall and this rig has room to spare for someone as tall as me the adjustability build into to this rig is great and easy to adjust for any size of person yet this rig remains solid is rigid and doesn’t flex.
    I was born and raised In The Netherlands and moved to Canada 17 years ago,I didn’t tell Sim Lab that Im Dutch I just orderd this rig online from this website and they shipped it half way across the world with no damage/scratches on any of the profiles these people do care about there customers and prepare shipments with care.
    Im very satisfied with my purshase,if your currently racing from the office chair and desk looking to get into a sim rig with a budget in mind the GT1 EVO would be a great choice its a excellent product.
    After using the GT1 EVO for two months it was time to write a positive review.

  14. Denny (verified owner)

    Firstly I am completely new to sim racing I’ve never used a wheel or rig ever so I spent quite a bit of time researching what products to purchase to suit my needs . I ended up purchasing the fanatec cs Xbox one bundle I initially was going to purchase the 40/20 materials myself a create my own rig but after reading reviews about customer service and the bonus of the black Friday sale I’m so glad I didn’t , communication with Darko was brilliant every question answered in good time and made slight adjustments to my order easily. The rig itself was simple to erect and is extremely sturdy with no twists , rattles or movement . The pedal and wheel deck are a brilliant once dialled in to suit yourself and look much better than just standard 40/20 mounting options. I opted for the black anodized which looks quite cool once made up with pedals and wheelbase .
    If anyone is undecided just buy it you will not be disappointed.

  15. mecano68 (verified owner)

    Commander le 08/12/18 j’attends toujours pas une seule nouvelles un peu déçu

    • Richard Schouteren

      As displayed clearly we have a 2-3 week delivery time.

  16. torsteinvh (verified owner)

    I have had my GT1 Evo for a few months now, and I must say I’m absolutely delighted by it 🙂
    It arrived very well packaged, assembly was fairly easy, and it is rock solid in use. The size is perfect, not taking up too much space, and more than roomy enough for my 184 cm.
    The flexibility in assembling and setting the rig up is amazing! I followed the schematics to a point, but did some things my own way to fit my room and preferences. I have later on added the integrated monitor mount, seat sliders and computer shelf, as well as a home made tablet and button box mounts. The customization options are endless, and it is almost as fun adjusting the rig as it is to actually use it 😉
    Communication with the Sim-lab guys have been impeccable, both before and after ordering. There was a minor packaging error in one of my orders but that was handled quickly and efficiently.
    I wholeheartedly recommend both the GT1 Evo and Sim-lab as a company 🙂

  17. CREPIN MICKAEL (verified owner)

    Bonjour à tous,
    Cela fait 15 ans que je joue au simracing. J’ai souhaité faire évoluer mon set up il y a quelques mois et il me fallait un beau cockpit pour poser tout cela. J’ai pris quelques semaines à bien étudier les prix et les caractéristiques des différentes offres du marché. Simlab me paraissait financièrement très bien placé, avoir une bonne notoriété dans la communauté et proposer des cockpit dont le caractére évolutif ne faire aucun doute.
    Une fois la marque choisie, me rester à me décider entre un TR1 et un GT1 EVO. C’est ce dernier que j’ai retenu pour son caractére plus évolutif.
    Colis reçu ce mercredi. Rien à dire, emballé comme il faut. J’ai passé commande à peine une semaine avant, le produit était indiqué en stock.
    Quand on ouvre les colis (2), on voit tout de suite la qualité de ce dernier, tout est bien emballé, protégé, rien à dire.
    Le montage m’a demandé 2-3 h, je suis pas expert et dans ce type de situation je prends mon temps (petit conseil ouvrez une bonne biére ça aide à etre patient 🙂 ), une heure de plus pour monter le siége, la base volant et le pédalier.
    En 15 mns les repéres étaient pris et j’ai ainsi pu tout relier au pc et tester la bete.
    C’est juste incroyable pour moi, mon pédalier était jusque là posé contre le mur à terre.
    La maintenant tout est super bien fixé, le cockpit que j’ai pris en finition noire est magnifique. Ca respire la solidité et je me etes à rever maintenant d’y ajouter 2 verins !!!!
    Bref allez y, le matos est top, une super qualité.

  18. Declan Grant (verified owner)

    Ordered at a very busy time over Christmas and Richard still managed to get it to me on Christmas eve. It says a lot about the owner that he’s active in one of the biggest sim racing pages on FB and seems to actually care about his customers and is interested in sim racing himself. The GT1 rig I got is brilliant, using fanatec csl elite wheel and pedals and fanatec shifter and handbrake. No flex to speak of and fun to assemble and watch it take shape. Love the rig and service was great.

  19. Stanley (verified owner)

    Received the GT1 Evo in perfect condition in Singapore, the build itself was simple and satisfying, much like a big lego/ meccano kit. While no instructions were provided, simply print out the schematics and it should all make sense. I really appreciated that Darko included custom washers to mount the Next Level V3 seat very cleanly. Being able to simply adjust the pedal tray height also allowed me to have a nice GT driving position. Wheel used is the OSW (Mige 20nM) and is solidly mounted with Mige mount. Highly recommended and would also suggest ordering the caster wheels (great for moving the rig around to work on). If you don’t have any tools, please be sure to buy a range of hex Drivers (4-6mm) and socket wrenches (10-13mm should cover you) while waiting for the shipment to arrive. Service and helpfulness of Darko and team have been fantastic. Ordering/ building this rig has been one of the highlights of this hobby!

    • Richard Schouteren

      Thanks for being our customer!

  20. Marius (verified owner)

    This rig is great. Get it in Germany 2 weeks after ordering. The rig is stable and solid. It fit perfect with my fanatec gear. Seating position is good and you can adjust everything you want.
    I set my pedal plate in the two long profiles because my seat is really low. But you have so much possibilities to set everything up, that everyone can choose what they want.
    I am 1.89m tall have a weight of 105kg and I have enough space for legs and everything else.

    The only cons.
    First con is the black finish. There was some scratches, but I build it on the sites that I never will see!
    The second con is that I would love to have some more addons, but I think that they will come soon.

    All in all it’s a great rig for the price. And for everyone who is not sure, but really think about to getting the gt1 rig. Buy it and don’t waste your time. You will be happy with it.

  21. jerome.cordier1 (verified owner)

    I would like to thank all sim-lab staff for its great consideration with their clients : great communication, answers and excellent reactivity (after few mistakes in my parcels).
    I own now gt1 evo and triple screen 32″ and i’m highly satisfied with these products. Simplicity, stability, efficiency. It’s not my first stand, but sure it will be my definitive “serious” rig for simraces. i’m tall (1.87m) and it’s perfecftly adjustable
    You can close your eyes with sim lab, you can trust in this manufacturer of very good products for a competitive price.

    Thanks again sim lab, you don’t know how happy i am !

  22. Avery

    What are the dimensions of the pedal plate

    • Richard Schouteren

      w x l = 480 mm x450 mm

  23. David (verified owner)

    This rig is amazing. Super sturdy. It arrived really quickly too. It’s a heck of a lot of fun to assemble. When orders are re-opened I’m going to be ordering the keyboard tray and the triple monitor stand. I can’t recommend this rig enough. If you buy it you won’t be disappointed.

    I want to take a second to thank Darko. He was very helpful with my questions I had even before I put an order in. Thank you Darko <3

  24. csgasservices (verified owner)

    Perfect, exactly what I was after, solid and quality rig, you won`t be disappointed, worth the wait.
    Would recommend getting some M8 penny washers to attach motor mount.
    Thanks to Darko for replying to my numerous emails and upgrading/changing order multiple times.

  25. Mike D (verified owner)

    Let’s just get this out of the way – this thing is absolutely amazing!

    Shipping was great, well packaged all around and every arrived very clean. The rig itself is extremely sturdy, even with my pulling on this load cell handbrake nothing bends or moves. The integrated monitor mount I picked up with it is rock solid as well, holding up my ultrawide like a champ. It is basically a no-brainer for me in the future, Sim-Lab gear is all I will buy from here on out. They take care of you every step of the way, their kits are fully loaded with everything you will need and all of the little quality of life pieces you won’t get from other vendors.

    Huge thank you to the team as well for constantly being in contact with me throughout the entire process. They were quick to respond to all of my questions before placing the order, even reminding me to get some monitor stand offs (thanks Darko) which were a life saver on Dirt Rally 2.0 launch day as I was finishing the build. They were also extremely quick to ship me a replacement piece for a small component getting it to my door in the USA in under 72 hours.

    You can go get your 80/20 elsewhere for a bit cheaper, but you CANNOT beat the service and overall experience Sim-Labs will give you. They’ve earned a customer for life, even shipping costs to the USA was completely worth it to get such a quality setup shipped to my door.

  26. Gary Chisholm (verified owner)

    Before I begin with the GT Evo cockpit review I just have to compliment Sim-Lab, and especially Darko, for their outstanding customer service. I received the rig within 10 working days, however there was an issue with the supplier of the bucket seat and Darko kindly upgraded my order to a better seat free of charge. All my emails were returned promptly and I cannot find a single fault with their service.
    The rig is a thing of beauty, sturdy as f**k and easy enough to put together. Watch Barry at Sim Racing Garage youtube channel to watch his build and get some handy tips. I have a clubsport V2.5 and V3 pedals fixed to the rig and have no flex at all. When I do upgrade to a DD wheel I have full confidence that there will be no issues at all.
    All in all a great company to buy from, amazing customer service and a high quality product that will last a lifetime A++++++

  27. Victor Wasa

    Do I have to buy anything else than a seat for this?

    • Richard Schouteren

      Hi Victor, yes seat and seat brackets!

  28. Hotrod (verified owner)

    This cockpit is the best I have absolutely no restrictions while driving like a nut it is so much fun .After owning the cockpit for a month I can definitely say that it helps you become a better driver for sure and it is so easy and fun to build . The crew over at SIM lab are the best I needed a part to finish the rig and they sent on a Friday with me receiving it Monday in the US:)

  29. Madkiwi Gaming

    On the email waiting list for this gt1 evo been researching for a long time now and this is my pick,Nothing in its price range compares.
    Been an Australian customer (Soon to be) i wish the seats were available to outside europe customers.(shipping cost/damage??)
    Watched alot of reviews on youtube and think this is the way to go for simulator gaming.

  30. Alan Snyder (verified owner)

    Not much more to say than what’s already been said. I wanted an 8020 rig for my setup and coming from a desk/chair it’s night and day. I can stand on the brake pedal going into T1 at Monza and change direction through the swimming pool section at Monaco all day. There’s no flex, no sliding/moving around like when sitting in a desk chair. You can focus entirely on driving your pretend race car. Already added a button box and triple screen mount to my rig, and options are endless for adding additional things (handbrake, dash display, etc.). I was going to go the DIY route, using this rig and a few others as blueprints, but pricing on this one beat buying individual components and shipping, and getting things like the pedal plate/wheel deck made it a no brainer. My pedal plate was a little bent on one of the mounting tabs, but nothing that couldn’t be bent back, and if that’s the only casualty from shipping 3 boxes halfway around the world in 2 days (once shipped), I’ll take it.

  31. Neil (verified owner)

    What a superb piece of kit this rig is. Well worth every single penny. My debut race in the rig resulted in a win!!

    • Richard Schouteren

      Congrats on your first win! 🙂

  32. Anthony Machenil

    Very good service and quality build! There is no flex at all. 10/10!

  33. Nant (verified owner)

    First things first: I’m very happy with the GT1 Evo cockpit!

    I made my order last November, one of the busiest periods of the year, and everything went on schedule. Even transport and delivery was problem free with all the parts arriving in perfect condition, here in Portugal.

    Impeccable packaging and great quality on all the parts.

    Assembly was simple enough and cost me a couple of hours.

    Perfect compatibility with my Fanatec setup (clubsport V2.5 base, V3 pedals and shifter). Also the appropriate shifter bracket was very handy.

    Zero problems with fixing my seat.

    Plenty of adjustability to reach my optimal driving position.

    Both the keyboard tray and the caster wheels are very useful extras.

    After 6 months of regular use the structure is very rigid, strong and performs brilliantly.

    Great job Sim Lab!

  34. David Assuncao

    When is the black rig will be available again?

  35. Rui Mendes (verified owner)

    Just bought this rig and couldn’t be happier.
    Both Product and Service are just excellent.
    The GT1 EVO is great, very solid built and with the ability to do multiple adjustments and open to upgrades. Holds everything very tight as you need it.
    Then Ronald and Darko were brilliant. Always quick to reply, providing all the help and answers, even outside their own range of products.
    It is hard to find this combination of product and service excellence.

  36. Mike Reynolds (verified owner)

    Very happy with this, absolutely rock solid compared to my old gt omega rig, no flex at all with my DD1 wheel. Easy to put together with high quality fittings and comes with loads of spare bit and bobs which meant I could fit all my existing peripheral kit (button box, shifter etc) with no issues…..highly recommended….top company.

  37. Leon (verified owner)

    Very happy woth the gt1 evo. Delivery took 10 workdays, assembly a couple hours. The is no instruction, so I used the schematics and youtube (sim racing garage). It comes woth plenty spare screws and t-nuts.
    The rig is very sturdy and my g29 wheel and pedals hardmount very easy.
    Thank you Sim Lab for this product.
    Well worth the price.

  38. Rinus Huisman (verified owner)

    Tuesday 30 July 2019 my cockpit arrived. Took me 5 hours to complete, due stupidness and no instructions. Had to assemble and disassemble the top three times or so, because I forgot bout the wheeldeck and the monitor-mount. But once done it feels really sturdy, heavy and it looks slick to the eye. It’s build to last. Happy! On the other side my body really disliked the buildingphase and my shoulders and everything started to hurt. Probably cause I had to do all by hand. Wish I had a allen-keymachine.

    The day after I began assembling the chair onto the frame. First I wanted the Sparco R100 which comes with slides. However, I found a prettier and better chair with slides on autostyle. Took my nearly 10 hours to assemble because I made a fault, a bolt was stuck, and it’s a hell of a job to attach the slider to the frame, than the chair to the sliders. It’s not fun. Once done, it’s mostly set and forget.

    My biggest peeves are the combination of this frame and the slides. It’s really a bitter job to do. Another issue is that this frame with a chair with slides is way too low. Not only to sit in and out, but also the chair and pedaldeck. I would advise to Simlabs either:

    1. Not selling chairs with slides in combination with a GT1 Ev, GT2 Sim and TR1 due it’s height and tiresome assemblage
    2. Create an easier way to attack slides to the frame
    3. Perhaps adding two other mounts so the chair with a slider sits higher.
    4. Perhaps add a option to pick the wings from the P1-X.

    Perhaps I was a bit naive about building this frame. I’ve no building-experience and I am not working in a technical field/job. At last I learned how to build a Simlabs properly and won’t make the same mistakes again. Lesson learned. However, I am sure I am gonna have with the rig, cause it’s a whole other level than a GT Omega Supreme.

  39. Andy D

    Do you sell the pedal and wheel decks separetely? I can’t get the assembly pack from you in total due to not being able to use Paypal Credt for Euro transactions…:(

  40. Terry Trowbridge (verified owner)

    Perfect rig for my Fanatec DD1 easy bulid ,well packed ,plenty of fixings and bolts.Customer service second to none nothing was to much trouble Thanks Darko.It was easy to add monitor mount and mounts for keyboard, mouse , button box and 7 inch display.

  41. Sjors Rozendaal

    Absolutely brilliant. Very bad business model because after buying this rig you’ll never need to buy another rig! 😉 Packaging is excellent. Surplus of nuts and bolts, absolutely no cutbacks on materials quality and quantity. Customer support is triple AAA as well. Very personal, very friendly and great expertize.
    When build the rig is really rocksolid and (in my opinion, I have the black version) very beautifull. Because there were no expensives spared on the materials the build is very straitforward and free of frustration. I am very critital about my purchases, this is absolutely no fanboy review. I was in the market for other rigs, but I am very happy I listened to the sim racing community who urged me to go for Sim-Lab.
    One point of advice, get a bag of m6 and m8 washers (preferably black ones if you but the black rig)at your local hardwarestore and use them with the pedal and steering deck. Because they are aluminium they are a little soft when really tightening the nuts and bolts, so use washers to prevent damage. At this point washers are not included with the rig but this is not a big issue as you can perfectly do without them but I am rather safe then sorry!

  42. Roli Pierre-Louis (verified owner)

    I have just completed my GT1 eve rig and I can only say what an absolute awesome piece of kit this is. The rig arrived threes from the date ordered and was well packaged. as soon as you start taking parts out of the box I was blown away by the quality. Although assembly isn’t difficult there is an order to assembling it and it took me quite a while to complete it. The rig once assembled is very rigid and sturdy. I have mine on casters and it very easy to shell around the room. I just can’t imagine ever needing another rig!!
    For those people who are trying to decide what sort of rig to go for you will not be disappointed with this….simply an awesome pice of kit!

  43. Erik M (verified owner)

    I grabbed one of these ahead of my Fanatec DD1 coming in. I went from a GT Omega cockpit to this. Let me tell you how much of an awesome upgrade this is. The pedal plate makes it super easy to adjust the angle and get the right position for my V3 Inverted pedals. I noticed right away even with a TS-PC how much studier this set up is. Once the DD1 came this rig came into its own. I have the wheel deck and was able to adjust the angle for the DD1 to make it feel perfect for me. No flex no-nonsense, just 100% rock solid all around.

    I spent a good 6 months debating if I wanted to get a new rig and a new wheelbase. All my friends put me onto these types of rigs. I searched around and found a few in this price range (shipped to the US) and after contacting Sim Lab I knew I found a winner. A few emails back and forth and I was sold on ordering from across the pond. Next-level customer service for all my questions.

    The only drawback is my lack of mechanical skills. It took me a bit to get the rig together. I watch the SRG Video and paused at each step. However, once you get into the flow of things, it became a snap. From the first interaction to a completed rig, this product and support have been SPLENDID!!! Do not hesitate to grab one of these bad boys for all your cockpit needs!!!

  44. Jamie Jardine

    It was an agonizing 3 week wait for my GT1 evo to arrive, but in the end it was absolutely worth it! I actually ordered mine through Demon Tweeks, my advice for anyone looking at purchasing this in North America is to just get it direct from Sim Lab. Darko helped me out with every question I had in a very professional and courteous manner, I’m extremely impressed!

    As far as the rig itself goes, all I can say is this is really all you’ll ever need for a chassis. It is rock solid, I never realized how much FFB was being absorbed by my old desk and rolling office chair setup. My back is certainly thanking me already being in a proper gt seating position. Putting everything together was simple enough even with the limited schematics provided on the website, it does however take a fair amount of time to tinker with everything (it took me about 4.5 hours). More than enough hardware and spare parts were provided.

    My only minor gripe is that the smallest pieces of the frame that connect the frontward part of the pedal board weren’t the exact same size. Only by a few mm but it’s absolutely not a big deal. Just a tiny little mistake when it was cut I’d assume.

    I couldn’t be happier with this chassis, for anyone considering this as your entry point into sim racing, pull the trigger! You won’t regret it!

  45. vatch1 (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. Fantastic people behind the product. Fantastic customer service. I had questions, and they were answered promptly with great information. I am not what you call a small person, and this cockpit is rock solid. Just as advertised and reviewed. Also, I am in the US and got my delivery in like 2 weeks from the time I ordered.

    I would absolutely recommend SimLab products to anyone.

  46. Christopher Kane (verified owner)

    I have purchased this cockpit as a replacement for the Next Level F-GT(far too flimsy and flexable)

    Good Points

    1. Easy to assemble
    2. Very Adjustable
    3. Good size footprint (does not take up a full room)
    4. Expandable
    5. Rock solid with no unwanted flex or vibration.

    Not so good points.

    1. The front mount MiGe mount will not fit (had to design my own and have cut.
    2. I feel it could have come with adjustable handle type bolts for the brake pedal base (i do understand this is a budgetary thing)

  47. Shane (verified owner)

    I’ve been using a GT Omega Pro for 3 years now. I recently got a Fanatec Podium DD2 and had concerns the pair wouldn’t be a good match. After a day with the DD2 it became apparent I needed a new rig. The amount of selection for chassis on the market in 2019 is pretty extensive. I had my sights on the Simetik K2 but then I discovered the Sim Labs GT1 Evo from a Sim Racing Garage video. I never really considered a aluminum profile style chassis as they’re usually large and expensive. I was familiar with Sim Lab and the P1 but didn’t think they’d have a chassis fit for me. I was wrong.

    Ordering the GT1 Evo was straight forward. Pick a color, go through their accessories and pick out what you need. I had some questions that I needed answered a few weeks before I placed the order but unfortunately never had any responses to my emails. It wasn’t until I placed an order did I get a response. I know these guys are really busy so I totally understand and forgive them:) This was also right before the Sim Racing Expo so no hard feelings. Plus once they did respond all my questions were answered in a timely fashion.

    Once I placed the order it took about a week to be processed which was good in my case as I kept adding to the order. It was great they were able to combine all the orders into one shipment. Once it did ship it made it to my house on the West Coast of the US fast….like 5 days. That’s incredible considering where it’s coming from and the port it entered in the US. The only part that sucks about the shipping is the expense. It adds up really fast.

    Once I received the order i began assembly immediately. By this time I had watched every review of the GT1 Evo on You Tube. I’ve never built anything with aluminum profile so I had no concept on how it’s done. Some of the reviews brought up the lack of good assembly instructions, it concerned me so I watched Barry Rowland’s build video at least a dozen times over a few weeks. I learned so much from his experience with building aluminum profile chassis. So many little tricks of the trade he passed on. By the time I started building I could practically do it blind folded.

    The assembly took me a few hours as I took my time. It was actually fun, I didn’t expect that. Everything fit together so well. I had zero fitment issues. I bought the same tools Barry used in his video and that made a huge difference. Normally I’d try using a wrench that came with some IKEA furniture but that always bites me in the butt. Get the right tools for the job.

    Since I have a Fanatec Podium DD2 I wanted to try the Podium mounts instead of the traditional wheel deck. Not the gold Fanatec mounts but the profile style ones manufactured by SimLab. My only concern about that style mount is my two DSD button boxes mounted to the DD2. Fortunately they fit with a little modification to the right side box. What I had to do was cut a square hole in the back of the box and move the USB port over as it’s blocked by the profile holding up the right side of the wheel. No biggie!

    Since i used the Podium mounts that left a piece of profile left over from the standard wheel deck setup. One though I had was use it as a longer shifter arm then use the standard shifter arm as a vertical support. Problem is I have to get inside the chassis on that side so making shifter arm longer would be problematic.

    Other thought was using it to shore up the pedal end of the chassis since it’s a perfect fit. That’s what I ended up doing and now this thing is even more rock solid. Zero flex.

    I also followed Barry’s thoughts on mounting the shifter arm on the outside of the wheel deck upright. Doing that allows me to use 4 brackets to lock the arm in place. I have a Fanatec CS 1.5, Fanatec handbreak, Aiologs SQ shifter and a Buttkicker Mini Concert mounted on that shifter arm and there’s ZERO flex. Whatever was said in the reviews on You Tube about that arm having flex is no longer a consideration for me.

    This has been a great experience overall. I’m about 100% satisfied with the SimLab GT1 Evo. The only con to this chassis is it’s height in my opinion. I wish it sat up higher. It’s a bit to low. What I’m hoping to do is add another layer of profile to double it’s height. I’m not sure if it’s possible but I definitely plan on looking into it. If it is possible hopefully SimLab can release an upgrade pack that has all the profile and hardware necessary to do it.

    Last request would be a Buttkicker Gamer 2 mount. I run three transducers. 2 Mini Concerts which are the same size as the Mini LFEs and one Gamer 2. I ended up sourcing a Gamer 2 mount for profile off of E Bay. Hopefully it’s of the same quality as the rest of this chassis.

    Finally I recommend this rig to anyone needing a rig with a small foot print. After getting the SimLab GT1 Evo I can no longer recommend anything but. The thing is just rock solid, fully customizable and in black looks mean as hell. Thanks Sim Lab.

    • Richard Schouteren

      Thanks Shane for this great review!

  48. Will Otto (verified owner)

    Incredible piece of kit. Coming from a rig that was not as rigid as I’d like this has been a revelation. Customer service is second to none The packaging is extremely well done and my rig arrived without a single blemish to the black aluminum.

    I opted for the extra mounting point which I think makes it even better looking

    One satisfied customer!

  49. Jon (verified owner)

    I have just received my GT1 Evo and its is now assembled and racing rig dialled into the way i like it. This is a superb piece of kit, its quite easy to build, incredibly rigid and the adjust-ability is only limited by your imagination. Which is great because although it requires a bit of time and effort you can set your rig up exactly how you like it once its done then its done forever.
    Im running a DD2 with custom pedals and basically find myself fully immersed so that i am concentrating on my driving and dont notice anything else. Which is the way it should be.

    Thank you very much Sim-labs, an excellent product for a very reasonable price.

  50. Joost Hermens

    Enjoying the Sim Labs GT1 Evo with Speed3 seat with Heusinkveld Sprint and Fanatec DD1 for over a month now. Was a fun to learn how to put together and really enjoying the quality en strength of the build
    5 star product.
    5 start customer service.

  51. Paul Hausleitner

    Hi! I am 196cm tall. Would this be an issue with this Rig?

    • Richard Schouteren

      No its not an issue 🙂

  52. Robert (verified owner)

    Amazing product! Came from a PlaySeat Evolution and this is on a whole new level. Great quality, product was also very good protected during shipping, So not a single scratch out of the box. I can recommend it to anyone!

  53. Talmadge (verified owner)

    Fantastic product with one caveat; if you own Heusinkveld Sprint pedals, you may find the GT1 Evo’s pedal deck flexes too much, despite being pre-drilled for them. After a few months with my HE-Sprints, my pedal deck broke. My hypothesis is that the repeated flexing under heavy braking caused the 5mm aluminum deck to become brittle.

    To make matters worse, I reached out to Sim-labs 10 days ago (and 3 times since) but have not yet received a response. Although I’ve had very good interactions with Sim-labs customer service up to this point, I’m disappointed with the way they’ve (not) handled this problem.

    I can’t give half stars so I’m rounding up to 4 stars from the 3.5 star rating I want to give.

  54. Alex S

    Great product in terms of quality of kit, but there are some things to consider for someone over 183cm tall (6 feet) if you are looking to have a proper GT style driving position with the steering wheel fairly high up (thumbs at 3 and 9 position around shoulder level, top of the wheel rim around the nose area).

    The wheel uprights are too short for me personally as I am 185cm. I had to discard the seat mount profiles and connect straight to base profiles to have a good GT driving position in terms of steering wheel height, in my case the first generation accuforce. This will naturally elevate the pedals.

    Please be also mindful of the fact that that with Heusinkvelds the pedal tray will flex when you apply brake pressure, I own the SimLab slider baseplate for comparison which is 10mm and that is rock solid, however the GT1 EVO plate at 5mm will flex.

    Overall I found a workaround for both of my issues otherwise the product is very good.

    How can it be made better? Include uprights that are at least 700mm to accommodate taller drivers, provide an option of a 10mm pedal deck for higher-end pedals.

  55. Andy D

    Absolutely love this cockpit, but I need some additional strength in the GT1 Evo chassis when using Heusinkveld Sprints. You can see the pedal deck flexing under high kg braking.

    How can i improve this? Can you provide anything to existing owners?

  56. Graham Potter

    It’s an unfair 4 stars really as the product is great, and ultimately their service has been really good, kudos to Richard for his patience and understanding! However, it’s bitter sweet and I think when you are in this market you pretty much know exactly what you want and expect. So, for full transparency, here’s my experience.

    In terms of packaging, it is really well protected. However, that doesn’t prevent it getting scuffs and scratches if they are already there, and my black one had a significant number of scratches that I had to carefully touch up. The response was that this is due to the cutting process, but it’s mishandling and avoidable, simple as that. But…I couldn’t buy aluminium extrusion and get it cut for less money than this rig, and that’s not including the custom plates. So, keep it all in context. Also, my first pedal tray had a bent rail, the second was really scuffed, but the third was fine. To be fair, they sent these out for free and fast, so credit where credit is due.

    Onto the rig itself though, it was an absolute joy to build over a lazy Sunday afternoon. People complain about the lack of instructions, but honestly, if you know enough to have this rig in the first place you really should have the skills to assemble it by reference to one picture. I also ordered the integrated single monitor mount for this, and it really looks the business and is solid as a rock. I had also bought separately the Sparco Grid Q seat, Sparco side mounts, and Sparco seat slider – all FIA approved, way excessive but hey, why not eh?! We are already into big-boys-toys territory here! I ended up mounting the pedal deck into the lower horizontal rails so that I could slide the pedals, the wheel/monitor uprights and the seat forwards or backwards to accommodate any position. It’s a very flexible setup, especially with the integrated monitor mount.

    With regards to the pedal tray itself, it’s too weak, and the HE Sprint pedals mount too far back. There is a fair bit of flex which they know of and are fixing in a new design. However, in the absence of that, my solution was as follows:

    1. Bring the pedals forwards one full slot and drill additional holes for the new front mounts for the pedals. Simple enough, it’s only aluminium.
    2. Place some extended 5mm steel plate on the backside of the pedal tray under the pedals so that the tray itself is sandwiched between the pedals and the steel.
    3. Behind/under the brake pedal, place an 8mm bolt and washers through the slot (and steel if it protrudes that far back) and effectively tie the slot together so that you add back the rigidity that is lost when they cut those long slots.

    With all of that, the base is absolutely solid with zero noticeable flex. Another option could be to put some 40×120 aluminium profile under the tray and mount the pedals using lock nuts. That would be very strong too, but a ribbed plate is on the cards so maybe wait for that if you don’t want to mess too much. We shouldn’t need to do this if they are advertised as compatible with HE pedals, but clearly they aren’t quite. However, I also concede that if you are into this hobby, building rigs and mounting seats and hardware and other stuff like that, a bit of drilling and customisation shouldn’t be a problem.

    I also got the Heel Rest v2 as a gesture of goodwill and mounted that to the front of the pedal tray using 30mm threaded standoffs and drilling my own holes. Puts my feet at the perfect height for the HE Sprints and also helps further with rigidity.

    So, a long review but I wanted people to have a full summary of my experience as it’s an expensive hobby to get into up-front, and you want things to be right. Ultimately they are, and I’m very, very pleased with how it all looks and functions, but it was an experience marred by some shipping/handling issues and a fix too far on the pedal tray. Don’t let that put you off though. If you are in the market for a racing rig and want something a little more sleeker looking than the P1-X (and a lot cheaper) you really can’t go wrong with this.

  57. Adrian Guzman (CA) (verified owner)

    What can I say that hasn’t been said?!? For those of you coming here looking at rigs that are that are half this price, and wondering if you should just step up and get a big boy 80/20 set up…. DO IT.

    Don’t go through the nightmare that I did getting a very reputable competing companies top end rig that’s half this price,and being disappointed. Flex, lack of adjustments, and mediocre build quality that left the high end components I purchased to put on it feeling left in the cold.

    After being so dissatisfied that I paid the shipping myself to send it back, I took the plunge and ordered the GT1 EVO.

    For those of you worried about the build, if you watch Sim Racing Garage’s videos you can get through it. I promise. I have literally no building skills. I had to borrow the tools necessary if that gives you any idea. It did take me around 6 hours to get everything perfect and mounted correctly.

    Darko is the man. After originally ordering just the rig.I decided I really need a sim holder and keyboard mount. Darko added it to my order without a hitch. I even changed my mind again, and asked for a couple more products to be added (side mount for shifter and extra mounting point), and Darko sent me the invoice and added it promptly. Most placed would give you grief for changing things, make you cancel, put you to the back of the line etc. Not this company. Darko responded swiftly every time (we had over 50 emails back and forth) and was extremely accommodating. He even answered questions about mounting a seat I didn’t even buy through here. What company does that?! Sim Lab does!!!

    Once shipped, it got to my doorstep in 3 days and was in perfect condition (I’m across the globe in CA). Not a scratch on the components, and plenty of hardware to finish the build. I asked some extra corner brackets because of the extra profile I was putting on the rig, and really wanted to maximize the rigidity, and Darko even got that out to me in a couple days!!!

    When I finally booted AC and went for my first race…. WOW. This is night and day from my first rig, and any rig I’ve sat in. I don’t think I could flex this thing if I tried. I have a OSW wheel, and this rig handles it like a champ.

    All in all, this is an extremely high quality product, and customer support is some of the best I’ve experienced. I could not rate this company higher, and the product is one of the best luxury items I’ve ever purchased.

    Sim Lab, you have a customer for life!!!

  58. Matt (verified owner)

    Rig arrived start of this week and was well packaged and protected, UPS had clearly given this some hard treatment as the packaging was all ripped open one end, yet still nothing got damaged and nothing had fallen out so good job there guys…

    One thing I will say, is that upon checking all parts over and checking i had it all before assembly, because id ordered the black version, i checked it over after reading peoples reviews about scratched parts already damaged?? On inspection I noticed a few very very small marks here and there on the rails, but what i will say is be sensible and realistic with this, because as you begin to assemble this I guarantee you will, if not insanely careful put more marks on it than it will have ever came with from Sim Labs. Remember that the Simlabs team buy this in, have to cut it and hold it while cutting on the machine. Id like to be clear this was not covered but just a few very very light marks which may have been on the products when Simlabs bought it in even, so if your ordering a black one be sensible about a few tiny marks, only because its really easy to build it if they bother you with them on the underside or out of sight and i guarantee the Sim Labs team have done all they can to ensure its tip top when we get it.

    I ordered the rig, seat slider, seat brackets, a couple of sets of the castors with brakes so i can move the rig in and out of our games room if required and lastly the Speed 3 seat. I have to say on the seat that im very impressed, i was a bit like ” should i really buy a budget end seat without even trying it, but I can say, great value and i honestly dont think anything more expensive would make any difference at all.
    There was a small mix up in the delivery where the seat brackets didnt come with the main kit so had to wait for a few days for those, but I have to say the support and service from Darko & Ronald and the SIm lab team was awesome. BIG thanks for getting those shipped and to me before the weekend and the 25 Euro didscount on any future purchase for my trouble, well, WOW nice thouch guys really nice touch, thank you.
    What you read about the service and support at Sim Labs is no hype the guys do a great job and really care about there business and customers, nice to see.

    Building the rig is a breeze and i support what others say, see the sim racing garage video on you tube and he covers it all clearly.

    In use this thing is super solid,and with my DD1 and V3’s its really rigid in all respects. If at all anything, the uprights with the base mounted on in hard use id say move or flex no more than a mill or two at most and in hard use if you want to stop that, then the optional side support kit would do that, but i can assure anyone, in use its never going to be noticable and not an issue and i do lean and pull on my wheel with quite high settings.
    WHat i do really like is that due to the rigidity of the rig, all the wheel feedback such as kerbs and larger bumps actually can be felt through the frame giving you more feel than i evver had with my previous setup, im very pleased.

    Overall this is a superb product well worth the money compared to other far lesser rigs at almost a similar price range. The fact you can add, move customise easily is great and ive done so already and with all the spare fixings left over (which i have to say is a nice touch, nothing worse when you have only the exact amount ) i have used the two uprights from the front where the pedal tray should mount for adjustability as a button box holder on the arm, all adding to the versatility and upgradeability of this rig.

    Again sincerest thanks Darko / Ronald for your help and great service a credit to you & Sim Lab, great product great company to buy from and ill be back for more products soon i guarantee.

  59. Thomas_RSR (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic! After I had built up the GT1 Evo and everything was screwed tight, I was very positively surprised how extremely stable the GT1 Evo is. Finally I have a really very stable and fully adjustable Sim Racing rig.

    The shipping was very fast and everything arrived very well packed. Many thanks to the Sim-Lab-Team!

    Absolutely 100% Recommended and worth the price in any case.

    Greetings from Straelen / Germany!


  60. Robert (verified owner)

    The GT1 Evo truly is an amazing product. Everything is well packaged and organized. I also greatly appreciate a company that throws in extra bolts, nuts, etc. The materials are all of high quality, and the black finish is stunning (worth it, if you are on the fence). Assembly was MUCH easier than anticipated, just follow Part 1 of Barry Rowland’s video and take your time. The final product is rock solid and looks sleek and stunning. You are able to adjust anything and everything, and of course the flexbility to add on anything you may need down the road with ease. Of everything in my rig, this was the piece that put the biggest smile on my face the first time I used it. A tremendous value for what you are paying, and I cannot recommend the GT1 Evo enough.

  61. Ian Navarro (verified owner)

    I’ve been simracing in a chair with an open cupboard at the back to prevent it from moving when braking. So for Black Friday I decided to invest in a GT1 EVO cockpit. It came in 4 days perfectly packed and without any scratch nor anything I could complain about.

    As said coming from a chair it is an incredible change up to eleven. Pretty adjustable, sturdy and really nice finished in black.

    Trying to be as clear and objective as posible I think there could be couple of improvements though. Using Heusinkveld Sim Sprint pedals at default setting which is 30Kg the pedal tray flexes, not much, but enough to realise just looking at it.
    I am 180 cm and using a semibaquet and Heusinkveld’s and pedal tray lowered at minimum my sitting position is too low. I’m ordering couple 40x80L profiles instead of the 40x40L coming with the rig to lift up the position a bit. The consequence of that is that the steering wheel at highest level tops a bit under chest level. Ordered as well higher profiles, 610mm.

    For 427€ I paid for it two weeks ago it is the best solution out there for my personal needs. With the improvements ordered I’m sure I’ll have rig for years of simracing coming.

  62. Mihai Pop (verified owner)

    Holy mother of god and all that is good and awesome this rig is a beast!
    I used to race on a wheel stand and a office chair and i always had a hard time keeping them in place, i got a Fanatec CSL Elite with v3 pedals and more than often the wheel stand will lift and move around when i was “racing hard”, this is the thing of the past now, the gt1 evo is so rigid i can feel now all the vibrations from the wheel and the pedals in the seat and it makes it more immersive, there is absolutely no flex in the rig or the pedal plate and i have installed the hard brake performance kit installed, i have used a gt omega rs9 seat and it fits perfectly. This was the first time i`ve built a aluminium profile rig and it took me a good 5-6 hours but thats just because i`m a bit ocd and i had to line up everything absolutely even and maybe because i`ve built it on my own, but it was well worth the time and I enjoyed it. The SRG`s build video on youtube helped me alot and made everything go smooth. I think I waited about 15 days from order till delivery, it was worth the wait this is an amazing rig and very well packed, i like how they include more screws and bits and bobs than you`ll need, thats a big plus. The rig is very adjustable and easy to do so. If you got a small room and you have to move the rig when not using it, i strongly recommend to get the caster wheels as this is heavy AF.
    All in all I am more than happy with my purchase, and i`m glad i didn’t go another route.
    Thank you Sim-Lab!

  63. Tom Emson

    I was wondering if I could mount the Rennsport Triple monitor stand V2 to this cockpit?

    • Richard Schouteren

      I don’t think that will work!

  64. David Ryan (verified owner)

    I purchased the evo gt1 rig on the 2nd of December @ 00:14 hours in the black Friday deal.
    Payment went through straight away with no problems.
    Confirmation email received of order and account details etc.
    I then realised i had not ordered the shifter mount so i emailed Darko on the 3rd to explain i need to add to the order.
    Darko replied on the 5th and added the mount for free.
    What a great guy i said to my wife.
    So on the 13th i noticed no more orders are being taken until January.
    I email Darko asking if my order had made the cut off point.
    On the 16th Darko replied YES my order had made the cut off point i therefore asked if it had been posted out yet as the delivery lead time is getting close.
    I never got a reply so i asked again on the 19th and still no reply.
    Today is the 20th the 15th day of lead time and still no reply.
    As of now the order is showing processing.
    Don’t think it will be coming now due to the christmas period.
    I therefore have a new fanatec wheel,pedals,shifter and nothing to mount it on.
    Someone previously posted they had around 100 emails back and forth between him and Darko.
    I managed to get 2 replies.
    Merry christmas everyone.
    I can only leave an honest review based on my experience dealing with sim-lab

    • Richard Schouteren

      We are overloaded with emails as you can understand after the black friday period. Evo’s are shipped coming days! Sorry for the long wait.

  65. stephane.cazeaux (verified owner)

    I made a lot of research to find a cockpit meeting my expectations: a beautiful one, rigid, based on 80×20, and small footprint. For anyone having these expectations, i strongly recommend this cockpit, you cannot be disappointed.
    I now have it since one month, and I love it.
    On top of that, you will have a perfectly good customer support. Some bolts were not provided with correct size, and I got missing bolts in very short delay.
    The package comes with a large amount of bolts and nuts, making a lot of spares and this is really appreciated.
    I now look forward to placing new orders, in order to add accessories to it.

    The only drawback is the pedal deck, indeed having some flex with my Sprint pedals. But I am very happy to have seen the recent annoucements (new pedal deck, new wheel mount). It really makes me think that I made the right choice with sim-lab. I am looking forward to have an availability date.

  66. Joseph Griffin (verified owner)

    I ordered my GT1-Evo with the black Friday sales this past fall and I must say that I am THOROUGHLY impressed by this rig. I had wanted to build my own 80/20 rig for several years now but I just never really took the plunge. I always knew that Sim-Lab had pre-builts but I just never wanted to pay for the shipping cost to the USA.

    I am so glad I finally decided to go ahead and get one anyways.

    The rig itself is solid. ROCK SOLID. I was able to successfully mount a Corbeau Forza seat, my Fanatec v2.5 wheelbase, v1.5 shifter and my Heusinkveld Sprint pedals to the rig without issue. With micro-adjustments here and there, I was able to fit the rig to my driving style almost perfectly. For reference, I am 5’10″(178cm), 165lbs (75kg). I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is interested in getting a rig that has future customization options and amazing company to back up that product.

    Unfortunately, there is an issue I have with the rig. The pedal plate, with Heusinkveld Sprints mounted, does flex a few mm. I was able to somewhat fix this issue with the sprint pedal plate from Heusinkveld, but it’s not 100%. I was not aware of this issue going into the purchase, but I have seen messages from the company on Facebook that they will be fixing that issue in 2020 and compensating customers with a new pedal plate. With customer service like this, you cannot go wrong with picking up one of these rigs. If anyone has questions or wants to see pictures of the rig, shoot me a message on discord (bif_#9684)

  67. Qais

    Quick question, I’m a sim racer in Dubai. Is there any possible way to ship a cockpit here?

    • Richard Schouteren

      Yes please contact us over email!

  68. Odhran mcfadden

    Hi I was just wondering if you could mount the Sabelt racer duo bucket seat onto the eco gt1 rig

    • Richard Schouteren

      Yes thats possible.

  69. Waddy

    What are the dimensions of this rig please length and width footprint ?

    • Richard Schouteren


  70. Max McGuire (verified owner)

    I ordered my rig in the Black-Friday sale last year and it arrived in around two weeks. The packaging was expertly put together and all the parts were thoroughly protected. The instructions left a little to be desired but thankfully Barry’s walkthrough was more than enough to get me through the build, which ended up being quite an enjoyable and satisfying process. My advice would be to just take your time with it. I also ordered the single monitor mount which gave me a small problem. The profile was not big enough for the VESA mounting plate to reach all 4 holes in the back of my TV – I reached out to Darko and he kindly organised for a new piece to be cut and sent over free of charge (expecting it this week). Pretty great service!

    This rig is absolutely solid. I came from a very old PlaySeat so this really was a huge upgrade and boy, it was worth every single penny. This thing also looks phenomenal – especially with the Sparco REV bucket seat. I would urge anyone to go for the anodised black colour, it really ties the whole thing together. The adjustability can’t be beaten and, after a bit of tweaking, I now have a super comfortable driving position that just feels awesome. I use the Fanatec CSL Elite wheel and pedals and there is absolutely no flex. The footprint of this rig is super compact and with the integrated single monitor mount my whole setup now takes up less space than before!

    I waited a long time to treat myself to this rig. I watched countless reviews, videos and deliberated for a long time about ordering such a high end piece of kit but I’m so glad I finally went for it. For the price point there really is no rival to this rig IMHO.

    These guys run a great company and are in very high demand so have patience with them. It will come!

    Thanks SIM-LAB for a great product and great service too. Keep it up!

  71. Matthias Willhardt (verified owner)

    I’m into SimRacing since maybe 2010/2011 and decided to give it a go last Year again.
    The GT1 Evo was the Rig of my Choice and I got to say after nearly 4 months it still amazes me every Day.
    Looks nice. No Flex, no issues. Just the perfect Rig for me. Adjustable on my needs.

    Way to Go!

  72. Federico Rodriguez

    When will it be in stock again? I was going to buy it but there’s no more 🙁

    • Richard Schouteren

      Very soon

  73. Matthew Overton (verified owner)

    I have now had my GT1 EVO cockpit and integrated triple monitor mount for several months, so time to do a review!

    Working with Richard and the Sim-Lab staff has been excellent – even when a slight hiccup occurred (more later). Good response time and the information about my order and the processing was regularly updated. Shipping to Canada went more quickly than I expected and apart from some evidence on the packaging of rough handling, everything arrived in good order and complete.

    Disappointed that I was not able to order a seat with the rig (Canada not being in Europe…..), but was able to source independently – the basic seat slider will easily fit onto the rig with the hardware that Sim-Lab supplies.

    I will quickly note that Sim-Lab includes a healthy amount of space connecting pieces to guarantee that not only do you have all the connectors to finish the build, but also a little left to do some modding/addition if you wish. Very smart and a selling point for me from reading earlier reviews.

    I strongly advise looking at the Sim Racing Garage youtube video before putting anything together. Some really great tips on how to build with the least pain necessary and I found it very useful as a visual reference during the build itself.

    Working through the build itself is pretty simple, following the rig schematics and the SRG video. It is worthwhile stressing that doing ‘finger tight’ for joints as you go through the various assemblies is very smart – allows for adjustments to get joints square and elements lined up where you want them before doing a serious tighten. There is lots of room for adjustment and it is worth the time to explore this while building to fit everything to what is best for you. This has meant for me, very little adjustment since the original build

    And, with tight joints, it is a rock solid build. Pretty much zero flex on the complete rig with everything mounted and ready to race, even with me pulling/pushing to try and induce some. The cockpit handles a Fanatec CSW wheel and V3 pedals with ease and has really made the FF come alive. The integrated mount works very, very well and I am really pleased with going this direction rather than a separate monitor stand – I would recommend this solution whenever you can make it work.

    Adjusting the monitors for angle, centre and then line them up with each other takes time, patience and two people. Once through got a rough fit and then a second time for the final adjustments – this is where having a second person supporting the monitor while you work on the VESA plate and side arm is really appreciated.

    Only downside (and it was quickly sorted) was that my investigation with Sim-Lab about the triple monitor mount and my monitors didn’t produce the right answer and I discovered that the centre arm was too short to permit a fit with my monitors due to their size. Richard was able to confirm that a longer centre arm was a workable solution from their perspective for my particular monitors – with that in place and some support from Sim-Lab to balance out my finding that piece locally, I had a solid rig that works really well and looks great!

    Overall, the GT1-EVO with the integrated triple monitor mount has been a very satisfying decision. Great rig, solid build that looks like it is going to last the ages and a very positive customer service experience.

  74. thorsten

    With a height of 196cm…would you guys rather recommend the gt1-evo or the tr1 cockpit?

    • Richard Schouteren

      It doesnt matter, they will all work fine!

  75. Kyle Francis (verified owner)

    I’ve owned this rig for roughly a month now and have been massively impressed with the rigidity of its construction, especially compared to my previous set-up. The GT1 Evo was very straightforward to set-up with the guidance of the Sim Racing Garage guide, and for someone that generally isn’t into DIY the project was fun and satisifying to complete.
    Roland from Simlab was very helpful in getting everything I needed to get the project completed, with his reply times particularly impressive compared to other companies I have dealt with in the past.
    All in all I have been very happy with my purchase, and I have no issues recommending the GT1 Evo if you are looking for a solid sim racing solution.

  76. Saz

    Absolutely love it! Add the DD Mount and this thing is perfect

  77. Eric (verified owner)

    It is amazing rig. I love it. Just not quality service. I ordered gt1 evo and th8a shift plate. The day before it shipped i was told the th8a shift plate was not in. But i ordered and it never said back ordered or out of stock. So i spoke to a lady over email she asked what she could give me for free to make up for it. So i said a cup holder,mouse pad and 10 red slot covers and if the could switch the th8a shift plate for fanatec being i swapped sim gear and she agreed and also said she would throw in a couple other free goodies. But that didn’t go as planned it took 3 weeks to get anything and they still didnt do it right. I still got the th8a shift which i asked to switch and i did get the cup holder and mouse pad nut only 2 red slot covers and nothing else. And in this 3 weeks i sent multiple emails being i never was told it shipped i keep hearing it will ship in a couple days which was 3 weeks later. So didnt get everything or other free stuff at all. Since then ive sent 3 more messages with mo reply at all. Which is completely bullshit because first off the rig was over $400 plus over $100 in shipping and on top of that they charged me $17.50 to transfer my payment of over $500 which that $17.50 fee was never mentioned anywhere during the purchase which then bounced my account with over draft fee. This is so unprofessional for over a $500 purchase. All you guys had to do was swap a shift plate and some red slot covers. Also had a guy in shipping saying they could of held my order till it was complete when i said it was bullshit about no shift plate on original shipment. No you cant hold my order that would have been 5-6weeks. When you site clearly says 10-15 days lead time to build then it ships. I asked in my last 3 emails if they would fix there screw up and no answer back at all. You could still make it up with my 8 red slot covers i never got my shift plate i asked for and a keyboard tray. I mean i paid a lot of money for wrong orders over and over with no admitting to you guys dropped the ball instead you dont answer a paying customer but yet send YouTube reviewer free product which is complete bullshit again. So do you want to fix your multiple screw ups or should i just blast you guys on reviews all over social media and every YouTube review of your products? Like i said a simple fix is 8 red slot covers,fanatec shift plate and keyboard tray. Also the last guy i spoke to before it shipped said we are sending you 50 euro of free stuff. Um no you about 27 euros and not old that how was it free? If you charged me $17.50 to transfer my money that was never clarified and the my $35 bounce fee from my bank so that was $52.50 that i should of never been charged.

  78. Mike Galbraith

    Any idea when these will back in stock? Like about how many days?

    • Richard Schouteren

      End of the week on friday.

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