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Keyboard tray for your profile rig

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Keyboard tray to mount straight on your profile rig, can be used left and right handed. One size – 500×200 mm – to fit most  keyboards. The Inclination is adjustable and it can swivel.

You can find a schematic in the product pictures. The threaded holes on the profile can be switched and used on both sides (holes are not countersunk).

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Weight 1850 g

Grey, Black

10 reviews for Keyboard tray

  1. Carl shaw


    I’ve received this item today and I have to say its top notch quality machining and design. Solid item and feels robust unlike others on the market. Would recommend this item to any sim racer who is building a rig in profile.

    Like all the other products I’ve received from Richard the comms and support are 100%

  2. Peter (verified owner)

    I received as ordered its nice and good article only con is that the construction with the 2 bolts into the alu beam is imo to fragile there is to much weight on the construction i wud have chosen for the windhook construction as used in the cockpit rigs , i am wondering how long this will stay together , imagine the weight that will be if you put little pressure at the end off the tray , 50gramms generate maybe 10 times as much (as example) for the rest its a good extra to ones rig

  3. Michael Engel

    I just mounted the “small” version off the tray to my rig. Great piece, very simplified and top quality design and built – compared to other, quite cumbersome solutions on the market. Like it!
    Small con is the mount point between articulate and tray (small plate at the edge). You have to tighten the screw there as hard as you can to avoid unwanted vertical rotation.

    I recommend this product mainly because it’s kind of elegant, simplified, good looking on my rig. And not at last – it holds my keyboard 🙂

  4. Johnny Verhoeff

    Very nice to have a keyboard tray that looks so clean and can swivel so you can enter and exit your rig.
    One tiny issue is that it has a tiny amount of sag due to joint that allows you to swivel.

    But other than that, very clean looking keyboard tray.

  5. David Herrera Santana (verified owner)

    Excellent product and excellent service from Richard. Each time i have made an order, all was fine!!!!!

    The keyboard support is very well finished and to avoid the movement you must only tight the screws at the union.

    Only four days to arrive to Spain and Richard gave me very good support on all my questions.


  6. Andreas Förster

    the keyboard tray goes to Gt 2?

    • Richard Schouteren

      Yes it works!

  7. davidheavey2710 (verified owner)

    Fit this to my GT1 Evo rig when I got home from work. So simple to fit. Quality product. Super sturdy. Perfect size for just about any keyboard out there. For those above that mentioned slight “sag”, just tighten the screws on the swivel joint a little. Sorted any sag for me 🙂

    PS: Thanks again for all your help Darko, you’re a legend <)

  8. Timothy

    Fitted to my P1 rig, very sturdy, perfect service.
    did exactly what i expected, the swivel makes it easy to step into the rig and step out again.

  9. Bernd (verified owner)

    1. Sorry my english is not so good so I use a translator 🙂
    Unfortunately I can only give 1 star not because of the processing but because of the service of Sim-Lab. No installation instructions are included and there is nothing to find on the WWW. Sorry Sim-Lab but that’s certainly not customer friendly

    • Richard Schouteren

      We on accident deleted the schematic picture. Its back up again.

  10. Roger Rios Matias (verified owner)

    Works well and as intended, easy to install.

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