P1 sim racing cockpit

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P1 sim racing chassis is built from the most rigid materials for creating the ultimate sim racing platform. Adjustable and expandable to be tailored to anyone’s needs.

Lead time 5 to 10 business days.



P1 chassis – Improved rigidity, more custom bracket, leaner design, Sim-Labs new chassis especially suited for Direct Drive steering systems. The uprights are connected by “sandwich” plates, 10 mm thick aluminium, which is easy to use and makes a solid connection. The pedal deck is easily adjustable with locking levers and can be tilted.


Dashboard bracket – The dashboard wheel bracket can be suited to fit any Servo (Mige, Bodnar, Lenze, Fanatec CSW), see the pull-down menu on the right. Dashboard wheel bracket is not designed to be used with Fanatec CSL setups. With the 2 pivot points mounted to the frame, the angle of the steering column can be changed. The dashboard bracket provides more leg room than traditional bracket mounting, which helps improve comfort.


Pedal tray – The pedal tray can be adjusted forward and backwards. It is secured with the locking levers on the side. Also, it can be mounted with an angle to have the pedals slightly inclined as if wished so.

Connector plates – The uprights are the main focus point when creating a rigid frame. The steering forces are creating a moment at the base of the uprights. Especially with the torque forces direct Drive systems are operating. To counter these effectively,  a play-free connection of the upright is essential. These sandwich plates lock the uprights firmly into place. Because they are easy to install, success guaranteed.


Side mount – Standard the P1 is fitted with a shifter/accessories mount, running from the uprights to the back of the rig. Can be mounted both left and right. In addition, extra 2 profiles are provided to add the possibility of multiple configurations.

Spare materials – What is a rig without spare materials to tinker around? To be able to mount whatever you get your hands on after the build is complete extra materials are added, such as t-slot nuts, different types and sizes of bolts.

Wheel Deck Version:
  • Fanatec Club Sport Wheels
  • Fanatec Elite wheel series
  • Fanatec Podium DD wheels
  • Thrustmaster wheels (T500RS, TC-PS, TS-XW, T300RS)
  • Logitech G25, G27, G29
  • AccuForce V1 (V2 in later version)
Front Mounting Version:
  • Fanatec Club Sport Wheels
  • MiGe 130ST (small, big)
  • Bodnar 53 series
  • Lenze MCS12 series
Key Features:
  • Base structure featuring 160×40 mm aluminium profiles. Special sandwich plates lock the uprights from any movement. High-quality solid joints attach the dashboard bracket to the frame, making it easy to adjust height and angle of the steering wheel.
  • Dashboard bracket securely fixates you servo drive wheel or Fanatec base.
  • Movable seat position (can be positioned inclined)
  • Steering wheel position fully adjustable
  • Pedal position fully adjustable
  • Rigid aluminium profiles
  • Side mounting point included that can be configured in different ways
  • Fanatec pedals can be mounted without additional hardware. Heusinkveld pedals can be mounted without extra materials, all bolts/nuts included. Heel plate can be purchased separately.
  • Different sizes of spare bolts to mount seat brackets, shifters, and pedals
  • Aluminium profiles and mounting materials
  • Base frame consists of 40×160 mm profiles
  • Steering wheel uprights 40 x 120 mm profiles, length 750 mm
  • Aluminium profile type: Item 40 mm slot 8
  • P1 chassis dimensions: 1400 mm x 580 mm (length x width outer dimensions)
  • Steering wheel height adjustability: 0 – 700 mm
  • Suitable for +200cm body length
  • Total weight 45 kg.
Included in the package:
  • Aluminium profiles and mounting materials
  • Bolts for mounting seats and peripherals
  • Schematic instructions available as download
  • Plastic feet
Not Included in the package:
  • Seat
  • Seat bracket
  • Mounting plates for shifter
  • Heel plate
  • Within EU dropshipping profile package & plate package separately
  • Outside EU single delivery
  • Delivery when in stock in 7 working days

Here a clip of the P1, about 80% force on the OSW Small MiGe.

Additional information

Weight 55000 g
Dimensions 1400 x 580 x 850 mm
Servo type

Front mount, Wheel deck

Shipping information

Current production time for P1 chassis:

  • EU orders: 5 business days
  • Export orders: 10 business days


Seat info

FIA LTEC PRO and LTEC PRO PLUS seats are an excellent entry-level competition seats.

The LTEC PRO features tubular steel frame construction and a deep-sided ergonomic shape for maximum lateral support at a weight comparable to fiberglas.

Standard width will accommodate 5 or 6PT harness systems, and is mountable on both sides as well as bottom.

Available in the new “spacer” fabric.


LTEC PRO PLUS is the same as LTEC PRO, just wider and made specially for those who took the LTEC PRO too small (only available in black!)

Attention before you order the seat on following:

  • Race seats are narrower than regular seats and if you’re uncertain that you’ll feel comfortable sitting in it, you should choose LTEC PRO PLUS.
  • We charge 15% handling fee for seat return.

13 reviews for P1 sim racing cockpit

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Stephen (verified owner)

    The P1 chassis looks fantastic. Solid as a rock and exactly as you would expect. With my Bodnar motor, HE pedals and Fanatec shifter solidly mounted, I cannot complain and overall very pleased with the purchase.

    The P1 was relatively easy to build. Takes a few hours to complete but that’s all part of the enjoyment. It’s a relatively simple build despite the lack of instructions and a million screws to negotiate. It might be a bit of a daunting task to a ‘profile rig novice’ especially due to the lack of any instructions. This and the slightly sub-standard packaging is the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5.

    Good communication throughout and some post build feedback has been discussed with Richard. Some of this constructive feedback may be addressed in the future such as a video of the rig/and or some good close up images online might be a decent alternative to an instruction book.

    Prices are competitive and I would certainly purchase from Sim-Lab again.

    Stephen – United Kingdom

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jon Piesnik (verified owner)

    Overall this is an amazing product. I upgraded to this chassis with my new Lenze OSW. I also run Frex hydraulic pedals and it all fits in nicely in a very strong compact form. With the load on the pedals and the osw wheel the chassis has no flex, movement and you feel all the feedback possible from your hardware. The comfort is great and has a big amount of adjustment to suit your preferred style. The quality and design of the chassis is second to none and I can’t imagine you would need anything more. Plenty of scope to add extra mountings for button boxes, telemetry etc.
    Richard was very professional with the purchase and helpful in anyway possible. Shipping was quick and on time. Highly recommend this product if you’re looking to upgrade and move into the high end of sim-racing chassis design.

    Jon – Australia

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Bought the Sim-Lab P1 chassis (and the triple screen brackets) a few weeks ago. After extended testing I feel ready to add my review.
    In short: this is an AWESOME chassis…
    I owned three sim racing chassis (Playseat Revolution, RaceRoom 2000 and Simetik K2) before and I have tested and tried several others, but this thing literally beats everything (I tried) by miles.
    Richard is a very communicative guy, very helpful, no issues here.

    The chassis arrived in several parcels and agreeing with Stephen’s review, the parts deserve better packaging. There were some marks (nothing bad though) and one profile had a little ding, but I could mount it in a way the ding is hidden.

    Since it was my first 80/20 rig, I expected some difficulties to put everything together, but as it turned out, all went fine. The sliding nuts Richard uses makes it possible to add whatever you want (or if you forgot one), even after the whole thing is assembled. Just click the slider nuts in and there you go.
    The P1 is build like a tank, nothing moves, no shaking, no squeaking noises. For the moment I still have my Fanatec V2 on the rig, but I will be replacing that with a OSW set soon. Even that kind of torque will never disturb the P1. I could add the Fanatec V2 feels a lot better on this chassis, FFB is more detailed.
    My triple 27″ setup (attached with Richard’s bracket set) does not move or shake either… VERY HAPPY with that too. The whole set looks very compact and tidy, but it is very spacious. The distance between the two vertical supports is a whopping 60 cm !! while my Heusinkveld pedals look a bit lost on the equally wide pedal tray. On my previous rig there was even no space next to the pedals…
    Very nice design.
    Enough spare parts included to attach some more peripherals (button boxes, surround speakers, shifter)…
    One word about the shifter mount: the way it is attached on the pictures is not possible. I have a Fanatec CSS/SQ for which I made my own shifter plate to attach it to the horizontal side bar. No need for the two short profiles. I could have drilled some extra holes in the Sim-Lab shifter plate, but as I had a piece of alu plate lying around, I chose to make my own.
    After finishing the chassis I still have lots of bolts and nuts in different sizes in reserve.
    Still have to install tactile transducers, but even the little rumble motors in the Fanatec steering wheels can be felt troughout the whole chassis, GREAT !

    Highly recommendable !

    Willy (Fanapryde) – Belgium.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marc (verified owner)

    Richard is really professional and communicative guy.
    Cockpit is solid like a rock with serious design,don’t move with big mige/HE pro pedals
    Some marks on profile,but I can’t take off one star for that…
    Keep the good work,

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dave (verified owner)

    The P1 is an incredibly solid racing rig.The entire platform is infinitely adjustable too. Included is an ample supply of extras to put your own twist on things. So as not to be even more repetitive in my accolades, let me say that I echo the comments of the other reviewers. Shipping to the US was incredibly fast, waiting for stock to arrive to ship out was another issue. If you are in a similar situation, it will arrive and you’ll be well pleased. Competitive rigs are much more expensive and I’m not sure outside of the type of powdercoating that I see a difference. I may apply a CF wrap to the dash bracket to dress it up a bit, but the standard black finish is utilitarian and invisible. Richard is devoted to prompt replies and will keep you informed before and after the sale.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Thomas (verified owner)

    I had very high expectations from this rig and I must admit they have been surpassed.

    The build itself is pretty easy, I found the lack of instructions no issue at all. If you take a look at some reference pics, you will be easily able to put the P1 together. If you keep using common sense this build is a lot of fun, the questions I had were quickly answered by Richard. I’ve been using it with a Small Mige and nothing moves, nothing flexes, just rock solid.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anton Dias Prerera (verified owner)

    I bought the P1 Chassis from Sim-Lab and I am very satisfied. Rig is very stable and even under extreme torque and movement from DD wheel, steering mount holds it motion free. Adjustability is also excellent. Materials arrived in good shape and one I figured how to work with 80/20 stuff, it wasn’t difficult. Richard is very good with returning emails and answering questions.He also handled a delay at the US customs with aplomb.

    This is probably the best Sim rig out there interns of adjustability and stability. It looks pretty good too!!!

    Monitor mounts are on the way and I will review them once they arrive!!

    Thanks Richard for a great product and good customer service.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5


    The P1 is solid as a rock, build like a tank. Although intended for direct drive wheels I currently mounted a Thrustmaster T300rs, Richard adviced me to use a different slot profile. T3PA pro pedals were mounted using some extra washers. During the process of the build I repeatedly contacted Richard and he always responded very quickly with good advice. Every rig is different and the build itself was fantastic, a matter of logical thinking (although it could be facilitated a bit more with some basic description, however that may take away part of the fun). For now I’m futureproof (direct drive wheel, better pedals) and this will be my first and last sim ‘rig’! For an extensive review: https://youtu.be/EpDjbymPTcc

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Phil (verified owner)

    This rig is simply the best thing on the market. I was going with the single monitor brackets and using Fanatecs CSW and pedals. It’s very versatile and rock solid, nothing moves, nothing shakes. A nice cable management was never so easy as one can hide quite all cables in the slots of the profiles, looks really neat.
    If you’ve ever played with LEGO, you will be able to build this rig in a few hours, even without instructions. Look at the pictures online and you’ll be fine.
    Seat recommendation: Sparco R333 ( I’m 190, 93kg)
    Shipping was okay. Took a few weeks and was not complete (both probably because of upcoming holiday). But for the rig: buy it, you will not get anything better! Thanks Sim Lab!

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dominic (verified owner)

    Hi guys,
    I´ve bought the P1 Rig some weeks ago and finished my built last week. I am absolutely overwhelmed right now! Fantastic Rig with an amazing stiffness and many possibilities for personal adjustment and additional options! It is very rigid and rock solid. Perfect suitable for my 20Nm Mige Motor and the Heusinkveld pro Pedals. No flexing or bending at any point. One interesting point is the size because it is big enough for large people but not too big to fit in your hobby room or even living room. I recommend any potential customer the seat slider (Sparco product), seat brackets and the heel rest made from stainless steel which Richard offers. It´s very simple to drive with several people without spending to much time on adjusting the seat position.

    The P1 comes with a load of spare bits and pieces and some extra profiles for additional needs which I really appreciate.

    Communication with Richard and service are outstanding! Very generous gesture from him to add the cup holder and some other small things to my order! Also for my shipment to Germany he was able to reduce the shipping costs a bit.

    Only thing I was a bit unhappy with is the delivery time (still ok / in between 2-3 weeks) and packing for the profiles because they came on direct shipment from his supplier. Nothing to do directly with Sim-Lab. But Richard assured me to change these points in future!

    Next point is the setup manual. For me, no problem but for people which are new to Sim Racing and Rig building I guess the will struggle because of lots of bags with screws and stuff… Maybe Sim-Lab will improve the manual soon.

    Anyway, I can 110% recommend Sim-Lab products and the service!

    Very best regards
    Dominic from Germany

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steve Davenport

    I’d been contemplating a ‘proper’ sim rig for some time and spending an age investigating the various options. I was just quite literally just a couple of mouse clicks away from purchasing an RSeat N1 when, during a last minute read, I came across a post on a forum that happened to mention Sim Labs. The idea of an 80/20 set up hadn’t really appealed for no other reason than I thought it was going to be really costly and ‘out of my league’ in terms of the work required to put it all together. However that view started to change the more I looked in to what Sim Labs were offering and specifically their P1 product, (along with a few accessories) and the associated costs. It also looked good and had a pretty compact footprint, which was appealing considering where I wanted to put the rig as I could more comfortably maximise the space I had available.

    So I fired off an email and spent the next few days asking numerous questions, which Darko answered extremely quickly and in detail. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he basically ‘sold’ the idea to me without pressurising me in any way. Without doubt, on the strength of the quality of service alone and the promise of ongoing support, I placed an order confident and excited that I had made the right decision.

    From that point onwards communication remained first-class as various consignments of profile, fixings and accessories were either dispatched directly from Sim Labs or drop-shipped in to me. At each stage I received clear notification from Darko as to what had been shipped along with tracking information from the various carriers. Delivery of everything took approximately three to four weeks but I had no issue with that as it gave me plenty of time to completely redecorate and freshen up the new ‘man cave’ in readiness! Everything arrived extremely well packaged and fit for purpose, barring one or two marks on some of the profile but I kinda expected and it was minimal and easily hidden so I didn’t lose any sleep over it.

    On to the build itself and whilst the number of structural parts is fairly minimal, you are supplied with a ton of fixings of different sizes and gauges, not just for the rig assembly but for mounting wheels, shifters, pedals etc. This was pretty daunting to a ‘newbie’ especially as the available assembly instructions are limited to say the least and the bags containing the various bolts and mounts are not clearly labelled. That is however my only bit of constructive criticism of the entire process and I know that the guys are working on improving that. Indeed it’s almost unfair to mention it as the support provided by Darko and Richard was first rate and rapid, whenever I required clarification. In all honesty as well a big part of the experience was taking your time, having a cold beer to hand and actually figuring it all out and I got a real sense of satisfaction seeing everything come together and working through a few issues I had in terms of mounting one or two bits and pieces. The beauty of 80/20 as well is that you can add your own ideas and with the spare profile and mountings provided I was able to do this. The end result is a product which looks great but is highly functional and adjustable, is built like a tank and one which houses my triple monitor / VR set up, Fanatec gear, surround-sound system and motion platform solidly and dare I say, perfectly!

    To conclude I honestly could not be any happier with my purchase and the end-result and am ‘over the moon’ that I chose Sim Labs. Apart from the whole ordering and build experience being hugely rewarding, I know that I have a top class product, which will last me for many, many years. And the driving itself, cocooned in a dedicated, rock-solid chassis, is absolutely epic!

    So thanks Guys! Keep up the good work and I wish you every success.

    Steve (UK)

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Graham (verified owner)

    I can honestly say that this has been one of the best buying experiences I have had to date purchasing anything sim related. These guys go above and beyond to keep the customer happy. Every email was replied to almost instantly no matter what time of the day (and there were quite a few lol). Richard and Darko are two of the most helpful guys no matter what the query.
    The rig itself is built like a tank. No movement whatsoever. I know a couple of people have mentioned lack of instructions, but it is straightforward to assemble. Personally, I didn’t need to look at the schematics. The pictures on the listing were reference enough for putting it together.
    Once fully assembled, there are more than enough extra fittings supplied to add on any extras that you may need (button boxes and the likes).
    Thee were a couple of hiccups regarding shipping, although this was down to the suppliers and not Sim-labs fault, but that being said, everything was well worth waiting on, and I had the rig up and running before the holidays as promised by the guys.
    I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the P1 rig to anyone, or anything from Sim-lab for that matter, and I will be buying from them again in the not so distant future.
    Keep up the good work guys, and all the best for the future.

  13. Rated 4 out of 5

    Garrett Griffin (verified owner)

    Quality, Fit, Finish, Service were all great. I really can’t believe how quiet it is. It’s freaky quiet with OSW, and ButtKicker 10 feet away.

    Thanks Guys 🙂

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