Sim Shelf


5 mm aluminium shelf for a PC case or control box.

Orders of 14th of July and after – Lead time 4-6 weeks


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The Sim Shelf lets you place your PC or other control boxes neatly on a 5 mm thick black coated aluminium shelf. There are 2 types available, which are named afters the hole-to-hole distance. The 640 mmfits the P1 uprights, the 520 mm – 540 mm the GT1 Evo. 520mm is made for pre-2020 version of GT1 EVO while 540mm is designed for 2020 version.

Dept of the P1 version 250 mm, depth of the GT1 Evo version 220 mm.

Additional information

Weight 4000 g

520mm – 540mm, 640mm