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5 mm aluminium shelf for a PC case or control box.


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The Sim Shelf lets you place your PC or other control boxes neatly on a 5 mm thick black coated aluminium shelf. There are 2 types available, which are named afters the hole-to-hole distance. The 640 mmfits the P1 uprights, the 520 mm – 540 mm the GT1 Evo. 520mm is made for pre-2020 version of GT1 EVO while 540mm is designed for 2020 version.

Dept of the P1 version 250 mm, depth of the GT1 Evo version 220 mm.

Additional information

Weight 4000 g

520mm – 540mm, 640mm

12 reviews for Sim Shelf

  1. Jeff

    Will the 540mm option fit on a P1 on the side of the rig near the pedals, keeping the PC out of the way?
    Will the 640mm option fit behind the P1 integrated monitor mount? Essentially mounting a PC behind the monitor?

    • Richard Schouteren

      Will fit behind the Integrated holder. The smaller shelf you can put on the sides also yes.

  2. Crazy Pete (verified owner)

    Worth the expense.
    I fiited this to my GT1 Evo just as the 4th photo shows. It is thick & sturdy and is supplied with T-slot fixings.
    I drilled holes through the plate to pickup the screw holes of the feet on my PC case, there is no chance of it going anywhere.
    The PC fits neatly behind my monitors which are mounted on the SimLab triple monitor stand for the GT1 Evo.
    This location allows you to neatly route all your cables back to the PC
    Recommended purchase.

  3. jamiebettson

    What are the depth dimensions of the plate?

    • Richard Schouteren

      Added to the description!

  4. Evert Geurtsen

    Hi forgive the question but I thought that the centre-slot distance between the uprights on the GT1-Evo is 520 mm (480mm + 2 x 1/2 * 40) instead of 540 mm?

    • Richard Schouteren


  5. Andy D

    Will this work behind a single integrated monitor mount? i.e. as per 4th photo, with monitor in front of it?

    • Richard Schouteren


  6. sphillips71

    Hi does this come with the fixings you need to fix it to you rig.

    • Richard Schouteren


  7. Dave Cyrus

    Will this work BEHIND a single TR1/GT2 monitor mount on my TR1?

    • Richard Schouteren

      We have a small stock for TR1 shelfs, you will need to contact us over email.

  8. Roger Rios Matias (verified owner)

    Perfect fit on the P1-X, great purchase

  9. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Whats the maximum weight this shelf can carry?
    My PC is rather heavy

    • Richard Schouteren

      Its about 20-30 kg.

  10. Arjan (verified owner)

    I fixed this to my triple monitor stand to create counterbalance. I needed one additional piece of 80/20, that mounts horizontal in front of the stand.
    It has two main advantages for me:
    1. It creates counterbalance for the 3x3203R monitors (since my rig AND stand are on caster wheels, that was welcome)
    2. it adds to the rigidity of the monitor stand.

    It a great and easy addition. it carries my “Beast” PC with ease (12 KG).

  11. Joost Scholte

    Great build shelf. I wonder though if the shelf with a heavy PC mounted on the side of the rig should be counterbalanced on the other side of the rig. Or is the rig sturdy and heavy enough to prevent toppling over?

  12. Mike Galbraith

    Is there a way to mount the 640mm to the GT1-Evo? I recently ordered a cockpit with all of the accessories. I’m just missing the PC shelf.

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