Team Redline TR1 Chassis

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Flexible, rigid and branded Team Redline – this cockpit is made for the serious sim-racer. The aluminium profiles provide a flex free setup, and on top adds adjustability in every direction.


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Introducing the Team Redline TR1 chassis! An evolution on the GT2 chassis were the GT2 emphasized on a compact setup for Servo Drive Wheels, the TR1 focuses on compatibility and easy of use. The re-designed wheel-deck has been extended making getting in and out easier. The Pedal deck is manufactured from a single sheet of thick 5 mm aluminium with the folds giving it structural integrity to handle the forces that are generated by braking. Also, the pedal deck can be mounted in different position and the angle is adjustable. The wheel-deck also can be tilted with the 2 levers on the side. The wheel-deck pre-cut mounting patterns cover all wheel setups from Fanatec, Thrustmasters and Logitech. The same counts for the pedal deck, with additionally pre-cut holes for mounting Heusinkveld Pro Pedals.

The 40-series slot 8 mm anodized profiles create an extremely flexible base for mounting and adjusting the rig to anyone’s liking. With the slots running on all side of the profile, adjusting upright and seat position can be easily be done.

Wheel Deck Compatibility:

  • Fanatec Club Sport Wheels
  • Fanatec Elite wheel series
  • Fanatec Podium DD wheels
  • Thrustmaster wheels (T500RS, TC-PS, TS-XW, T300RS, T-GT)
  • Logitech G25, G27, G29
  • AccuForce V1/V2

Pedal deck Compatibility:

  • Fanatec Club Sport Pedals all versions
  • Fanatec Elite pedals
  • Thrustmaster T3PA pedals
  • Logitech G27/G28 pedals
  • Heusinkveld PRO pedal set

Extras inlcuded:

  • Rubber feet

Additional information

Weight 30000 g
Dimensions 1200 × 520 × 650 mm

25 reviews for Team Redline TR1 Chassis

  1. James

    Super happy with my TR-1 rig. It’s very solid and the hardware, brackets and profile are all top quality. I can see myself in this rig for many years to come.

    Shout out to Darko as well, his sales support has been awesome. Was super helpful with all my pre-sales queries. I can’t thank you enough 🙂

  2. umcfp (verified owner)

    I received mine today, and it looks very well built -but I can’t build it since the bolts it came with are too long and bottom out before I can tighten the corner units to put the frame together. Also, Darko was supposed to swap out the monitor mount I ordered for one that he said would work on the TR1. I received the one I ordered, which he said would not work. I will try to make it work, but I guess I have to go shopping for the correct bolts first! So, 3 stars for now, at least until I get it sorted out.

  3. Peter Kozak

    Is the TR1 strong enough for a Fanatec Podium DD2?
    When is the TR1 going to be available again? Is a shipping to Switzerland possible?

    • Richard Schouteren

      Yes for sure! Check out this video with a Bodnar system (one of the most powerful DD wheels on the market with a Kollmorgen servo)

  4. Azzifyy (verified owner)

    This is a top quality rig for people that don’t have the living space for a big cockpit, It’s highly adjustable and incredibly sturdy, no movement in the frame at all, once it was built it way a lot more comfortable compared to my old playseat, it’s also improved my consistency as a driver since I no longer have the pedal plate flexing on me, Thank you to Darko for always being quick to message back whenever I had a question or an issue.

  5. aldinm1 (verified owner)

    Upon receiving the TR1 I was already surprised as to how well it was packaged. Everything came in perfect shape without any scratches or dents. They also included many extra screws and T-nuts, which has helped me install some other features to my rig.

    The rig itself is simply amazing. Not only is it solid as a rock but it looks so awesome with the red/black combo. I have zero complaints and I’ve probably had over 20 E-mails with the guys at Sim-Lab where they’ve updated me with delivery times and potential future upgrades. I’m now ordering yet another product from Sim-Lab and that comes to show my satisfaction with Sim-Lab. Thank you!

  6. aldinm1 (verified owner)

    And if anyone is wondering how it would look in person here are some pictures that I took!

  7. Elliot Mason

    I’ve waited 9 week’s to be able to build my frame after ordering through Demon Tweeks.
    A mixed box of bits arrived initially, before Darko managed to figure out that I had been sent a mix of a GT2 and a grey TR1 frame.
    When I did finally manage to get all the parts, I now can’t turn the wheel without banging my hands into my knees and I can’t get 27′ monitor’s to line up using the triple monitor frame.
    So far it’s a disappointing experience!

    • Richard Schouteren

      Hi Elliot! Lets solve this then. We will send you an email.

  8. Ivan Ventura

    Is that only chassis or there is the seat too?

    • Richard Schouteren

      Hello, this is only frame. You can get a simple seat almost all seats work well.

  9. Benjamin

    Hello, in looking to buy this beautiful chasis.
    Is possible
    To know the dimenssions of the chasis? And also if it support a leo bodnar?

    • Richard Schouteren

      Hello, The dims are 1200×500 mm footprint. THis model can work with the bracket that is supplied with the Bodnar, but you need to dril lthe holes in the wheeldeck.

  10. Keith Griffall (verified owner)

    Great Kit with everything you need to make a rock solid compact race rig. Took a bit to assemble but did it in under 2 hours so if you have some tools and a bit of mechanical skill it is fairly easy. I have Heusinkveld Ultimate pedals which have a different hole pattern so I had to drill holes for the front screws but not difficult if you have a good drill. Fanatec DDS2 fit perfectly. I ordered the extra arm and mounting plate for the fanatec shifter and they were very useful for mounting the shifter and button box. Very pleased with this and I ordered my seat and rails on Amazon since I am in the US and it was very cost effective. Cheaper than I could have built one myself with 80/20 and the plates are very well built and much better than using lots of little connectors to make it work. Simple and sturdy design, very well done! Kudos to Sim-Lab for the design and reasonable price including shipping to Utah, USA. Some pictures if you want to see how it went together. Cat really enjoys it also!

    • Richard Schouteren

      Thanks appreciate the time to make a review!

  11. A. van den Bos

    Hi, i finished the TR1 build a few weeks ago, it took me about two/three hours and i am really not handy. But when i saw how it worked it went pretty quick and i couldn’t believe how sturdy it was. I have a Fanatec DDWheel bottom mounted and the rig just doesn’t flex. I couldn’t be more happy. I also bought a Spargo Seat but i didn’t measured it right so i called Richard from Sim-Lab and he helped me right away and send me within a week, extra profile parts so i could fit the Spargo chair(free of charge!). So, i fixed the chair and put on my DD wheelbase, and pedals with load cells and it was amazing how the rig has no flex whats so ever. My Fanatec V3 loadcell pedals where easy to mount. Drill holes where already in the pedal deck as where the holes for my new Fanatec DD1 wheel. I use it everyday and i really love it. I really want to thank Sim-Lab and especially Richard for taking the time(while you where on vacation) and helping me coming up with a solution. So, i’m just back from my vacation so i’m gonna do some serieus iRacing!

  12. kfarley215 (verified owner)

    Looking forward to assembling my TR1 when it arrives! I have purchased a Sparco R333 seat locally (USA) but I ordered the seat mounts and slider with my cockpit. Is the TR1 compatible with the accessories like keyboard and mouse tray, cup holder and button box mount?

    • Richard Schouteren

      Hi, thanks for the order. It us compatible with the mentioned products!

  13. Daryl Harris

    I have had my TR1 for a few months now and it has totally transformed and evolved my home sim-rig setup in a big way! Built it with a Sparco Grid-Q seat and Fanatec CSW 2.5 wheel & pedals. Watched build videos from Sim Racing Garage on assembly techniques and this really helped me prepare and put it all together. It is an extremely solid and high quality rig and zero-flex. Added Sim-Lab’s castors for mobility which work very well for rolling in/out of a walk-in closet for living room storage. Highly recommended!

  14. Guillaume 2007 (verified owner)

    Amazing rig. Received in the US without a dent, they even included some extra bolts etc. Feels extremely solid and doesn’t take much space. Mounted a DD1 wheel. Will get some accessories down the line. Cheers

  15. Brian Tiffany

    Looking hard at the TR1and EVO….which has better options for a 27″ triple screen set up? Thanks

    • Richard Schouteren

      Both will work fine with 27 inch triple setup (depending on what mount you will use) the Integrated monitor mount works only well with the EVO.

  16. Daren Pomroy (verified owner)

    I have to say I’m extremely pleased with not only the product, but the outstanding customer service. You may have to wait for 2 or 3 weeks for the product but it’s worth it and I’m so glad I did. It is extremely solid, after looking at many other sim products and the flex in the wheel deck and chassis on them I decided to go with the sim-lab TR-1. So happy I did. It has zero flex once put together properly. Amazing. The sim-lab team are always pretty quick to respond and will help you as much as possible with any issues you may have. I strongly recommend the product and sim-lab in general. Overwhelmingly positive experience throughout.

  17. Brian Tiffany

    Thanks Richard….will the Integrated mount on the EVO offer a good wrap around effect?

  18. Will Ammerdorfer (verified owner)

    Received the tr1 very happy with it , it very solid , compact, and it looks good now I only need the seat to come so I can race again 🙂

    • Richard Schouteren

      Thanks Will!

  19. Agner Santiago

    Would this be compatible with motion systems such as the Next level traction, NL Motion V3, DOF reality..etc? Or is the GT1 Evo more sutable for such future plans?

    • Richard Schouteren

      I have seen all variations, so yes your safe to go, both options.

  20. Nechita Robert

    Amazing rig. I am going to buy one but is it compatible with a seat from a playseat revolution?

    • Richard Schouteren

      Yes, you might need a pair of extra corner brackets.

  21. Greg

    Hi there,
    What is the maximum drivers height to fully fit in this rig?

    • Richard Schouteren

      There is some much adjustability, my best guess is 220 cm.

  22. Greg

    So which second week of February will it be available? 2021?

    • Richard Schouteren

      It was actually available for past weeks. We need to hault order i -take for next 1-2 weeks to see how the world situation regarding goods going to develop.

  23. Thomas Walsh (verified owner)

    I have this rig a few weeks now, and it really is superb!
    Take your time putting it together and it’s no problem, very sleek and so much more compact that I’d realised, a great attribute for me.
    I’m only using a Logitech setup, but it has totally and utterly transformed the driving experience for me, it now feels like I’m actually driving as opposed to playing a game.
    Can’t recommend enough!

  24. Roel (verified owner)

    Ordered mine about 2 weeks ago, will the pedal deck be pre drilled for thrustmaster new tlcm pedals or shall i go order the adaptor if i dont want to drill them myself?

    • Richard Schouteren

      No sorry, this needs to happen in the next batch. Drill is easy with an accu drill.

  25. Roel (verified owner)

    I asume i will still recieve my order i place over 2 weeks ago as it is out of stock again, already received the seat, wheel casters and seat sliders. Only still waiting on the TR1 itself.

    • Richard Schouteren

      Hoi Roel, we zijn bezig met productie op moment, zal zorgen dat hij asap verstuurd wordt. Excuses voor de lange levertijd!

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