Triple monitor mount (19″ – 42″) VESA

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Triple monitor mount free standing. The perfect compliment to your sim-racing rig! This stand doesn’t suffer from sagging arms, unlike many other premium brands. It is rock-solid, for the demanding sim racer! Made from high-grade aluminium profile extrusion.

Lead time 10-15 business days

Manual 100/200
triple-monitor-mount-100-200-schematics.pdf (12448 downloads)

Manual 75/100
triple-monitor-mount-75-100-schematics-2.pdf (13661 downloads)


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A triple monitor mounts free standing made from high-grade aluminium profiles. No flex! It’s adjustable in height and arms can swivel. The triple brackets attaching the arms to the base reach a critical stress point when loaded by 150 kg dead weight, just to indicate there is more than enough overhead.

The triple monitor mount comes as a building kit and can be easily assembled with basic tools. The VESA monitor mounts are fitted with slotted holes so final adjustments can be made to position the monitors in an optimum way.

Key features triple monitor mount:

  • Two versions available; light and heavy version.
  • The angle of sidearms adjustable (40-75 deg.)
  • Height is adjustable. Total height 1240 mm excluding monitors.
  • Building plan can be downloaded
  • No sagging of the arms, pivot bracket set included.

Compatibility 75/100 Light Version:

  • Up to 31.5 Inch wide aspect ratio monitor.
  • Normal aspect ratio 16:9 maximum size 27 inch.

Compatibility 100/200 Heavy Version:

  • Up to 35 inch wide aspect ratio monitor.
  • Up to 43 inch size TV normal aspect ratio 16:9.

What is in the kit?


Grey triple stand with 200 mm VESA mounts (also includes 100 mm pattern)

Black triple VESA 75/100 mm

Materials in the kit:

  • Aluminium profiles
  • All bolts needed including the VESA M4x10 bolts
  • Vesa plates
  • Pivot plates
  • connector brackets
  • Upright connector brackets
  • Rubber feet

Rafal: “The best triple monitor stand in my life. I can’t believe how stiff and sturdy it is. No movement, no flex in the left & right arms, fully adjustable without problems mounted my 27 inch monitors. Instructions how to assembly all pieces together is clear and very easy to understand. And if you have any problems Richard help you immediately. Great customer service. If you still considering to buy one. Stop and click on the buy button!!”

Peter: “Quite honestly the last monitor stand you will ever buy! This thing is solid as a rock. Once everything is set up and tightened down the monitors don’t move at all! Everything is perfectly level, the bezels align perfectly.”



Additional information

Weight 22000 g
Dimensions 1300 × 2500 × 700 mm
VESA size

75/100 mm VESA, 100/200 mm VESA


Black anodised, Grey anodised

Shipping information

Current production time for Triple monitor mount (24″ – 35″) VESA:

  • EU orders: 5 business days
  • Export orders: 10 business days

34 reviews for Triple monitor mount (19″ – 42″) VESA

  1. Andy Bonar (verified owner)

    I bought this to replace my obutto type triple arm stand which is sagging all over the place under the weight of light 24 inch monitors. Was never happy with how that one worked…but hadn’t seen anything like this until now. ..

    Very very pleased with this…took maybe a couple of hours to fully assemble and line up the monitors.
    Once done though…it’s as solid as a rock. No movement across the screens whatsoever. …I can’t see this moving any time soon.
    The angular brackets are well made and look like they will last a lifetime.
    Has a far smaller footprint than the obutto …does not move at the slightest touch.

    Wish these were available 2 years ago when I set up triples.

    Great customer service too…have no hesitation in recommending the product or the seller.

  2. Carl shaw

    Wow!! What a stand..

    I built my rig back in 2012 out of 80/20 Alu profile and had always been proud and happy with looks and strength, but then I saw this site and instantly knew I needed this to replace my triple stand which was now 3 years old and taking up a lot of space.

    I spoke to Richard regarding placing a order and I must say he has been over backwards to help me, and make sure I got want I wanted. Delivery was as expected 7 days from payment, track-able and with DPD who I trust.

    On arrival the item was packed and banded very well, in fact I didn’t expect it to be so good but it was which put my mind at ease know someone who takes the time to package the item this well would also take pride and care in the design and making of the stand.

    I was right!! As I’ve worked a lot in 3 years with profiles and the assembly time was short and I had it all up within 45 mins. I must add that the brackets that are supplied are the best I seen on the market for triple screens, there is ZERO flex in the left / right arms. I then added the VESA plates, then the monitors. In the past I’ve spent hours setting up triples but this time I would say around about 30 mins max. The design of the vesa allows for minor alterations to the screens which again is the best design ice seen and used on the market. This has to be the best profile stand out there and for Richard and sim-lab I hope it gets the coverage and sales it deserves.

    I was so happy with this I decided to sell my old rig and have Richard build me a custom cockpit. Once this has arrived I will be doing a build video just to show how everything arrives and how easy it is to build. Many thanks Richard you have been great answering all my questions and emails day and night. Great product and great customer service. ??

  3. Rafal Drzaszcz (verified owner)

    The best triple monitor stand in my life. I can’t believe how stiff and sturdy it is. No movement, non flex in the left / right arms, fully adjustable without problems put my 27 inch monitors. Instructions how to assembly all pieces together is clear and very easy. And if you will have any problems Richard help you immediately. Great customer service. If you still considering to buy one. Stop and click on buy button!!

  4. Sam Aldcroft

    I have this stand on my Sim Lab GT1 rig. It is excellent, the range of adjustment is very impressive, and once you have lined up the monitors it is 100% stable, absolutely no sag on the side screens.

    I have 3 x 27″ screens at 50 degrees, but could have a higher angle if I wanted to.

    Just like the GT1, everything can be adjusted. Width of the stand (to get the angle you want), height of the monitors, and finally the angle, can all be set exactly how you want. It did take some careful measuring to get everything set equally, but once set up you don’t need to touch it again.

    I have had both Obutto and Omega Pro triple screen mounts in the past, and both had major flaws. The Sim Lab mount overcomes all of those problems in one simple and elegant solution, well recommended for anyone who wants to set up triple screens perfectly !

  5. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Really nice contact and the product is also great. There has been one little thing that was not perfect, the holes of the vesa mount only support screws up to M6 but my TVs need M8, so i had to drill the holes. But that was no problem and i got immediately help from the support.

  6. Lars (verified owner)

    1a tripleständer! habe die kleine version mit 3×32″ bestückt … perfekt! sondermaß (änderungswunsch) war kein problem. musste hdmiwinkeladapter kaufen, und mit ner 10mm holzplatte als abstandshalter zum aluprofil, mein mittig liegende anschlüsse zugängig machen. 😉 achja, support ist weltklasse – THX!

  7. Nathan Davies (verified owner)

    I can only give this 5 stars. Brilliant product, brilliant service. It’s almost more fun assembling this that playing on iracing!

    I have mounted my screens actually onto my simlab rig. It gives me literally the perfect viewing angle. Couldn’t be happier 🙂

  8. Giancarlo Ferrari

    This is my first Triple stand. It will also be my last. That’s right, its that well thought out/made! What a simple layout for easy of use and also assembly. Strong in all the correct locations and easy on the eyes also! What more could you ask for. Nice job Richard, its the tits-just love it!! Once I receive the BenQ XR3501 Triples, I’ll send you some pics.

  9. Jens

    Im not a big review typer, but in this case. WOW! Richard thank you so much for designing and offering this monitor stand. Best descision ever, going from one screen to triples. You guys made my simracing experience so much better with this product.

  10. Serkan Kaynar (verified owner)

    Upgraded to 40″ and replaced my old 27″ setup with Obutto Revolution. What should I say, easy installation and rock solid, perfect! Communication and support was great, Richard is a very nice guy. I would recommend it.

  11. Marco


    bought that stand for my 3x 40″ monitors.
    It is very stable and easy to built up. No problems at all….thx Sim-Lab !!!


  12. Jochen (verified owner)


    Bin begeistert von diesem Triple-Monitor-Stand! Aufbau klappte problemlos und meine drei Monitore lasse sich damit auch super ausrichten und an der passenden Position wirklich richtig festziehen. Da wackelt nichts! Top Produkt, dass mir die Freude an meinem Hobby noch vergrößert hat.
    Zudem auch ein sehr netter und hilfsbereiter Kundenservice hier im Shop. Danke, Richard!

  13. Paul

    I ordered the (future proof) heavy version of this stand for my triple 23” monitors. This is an excellent product as previous reviews already clearly stated. What makes it standout is the sturdiness… there is absolutely no movement. And the ease to making small adjustments to get your monitors perfectly aligned is simply awesome.

  14. Tim (verified owner)

    The reviews are true, believe the hype, this stand rocks my socks. Don’t bother with other stands, this one is the ducks nuts. I have the ‘light’ triple (monitors up to 27″). We didn’t spend 1 minute trying to line up the monitors, they just fell into alignment after we spaced everything correctly. Simple and perfect.

  15. Larkin Folsom (verified owner)

    I upgraded from a single desk mounted monitor to using the light version of this triple monitor stand with three 24″ monitors. I’m extremely happy with the upgrade, it makes a big difference to have three monitors all correctly positioned on a rigid stand. Sim racing is far more immersive and the stand works perfectly with the GT-Cup chassis. The pricing on the stand is also very reasonable. I would definitely recommend this stand!

  16. Peter (verified owner)

    Quite honestly the last monitor stand you will ever buy!
    This thing is solid as a rock. Once everything is set up and tightened down the monitors don’t move at all!!
    Everything is perfectly level, the bezels align perfectly.
    An added bonus, the 80/20 profile makes it perfect for any future mods.
    I have a triple 27″ setup and can’t imagine using any of the other stands on the market. Every review mentions some misalignment, or sagging with the other products. No problems at all with this stand.

    Beside the product itself, the delivery was amazingly quick (two days to Canada) once all the parts were in stock and communication with Richard was top notch.

    I would recommend sim-lab and this particular product to anyone!

  17. Emanuel (verified owner)

    A month ago, I have decided to realize my first triple monitor setup project. After careful consideration, I bought three Asus monitors (PG279Q). Now, I was faced with the next difficult decision: which tripple monitor stand to buy? After intensive researches, finally I came across the Tripple Monitor stand of Sim-Lab.

    First, I had concerns wheter I would be able to succed the assembly because I had no experience with aluminum profiles. After a short phone call with Richard from Sim-Lab, the concerns were cleared (he assured me that this was a bit like the assembly of Lego bricks).

    And it was true. The assembly was really easy, especially if you look at the video review of Barry (Sim Garage). During assembly, it is important to ensure that the side parts are installed absolutely horizontally. What took me some time, was the correct alignment of the screens (including correct FOV).

    But when everything is done, you have an outstanding tripple monitor stand. Absolut rock solid, but still flexible in the possibilities of customization. Your monitors are absolutely horizontally. The monitors are seamlessly joined. The side arms do not hang. In a nutshell: I’m fully excited.

    What I would recommend is that you will buy also the rubber feets (sold separately in the store: (not included in the scope of delivery). I didn’t know that they were also sold by Sim-Lab.

    I have now ordered these separately.

    Finally, I can absolutely recommend the Tripple Monitor Stand and the company “Sim Lab” (Richard is extremely competent and helpful) to all Sim Racing fans!!!

  18. hello (verified owner)

    Excellent, I dare say, almost perfect stand! I run three ASUS VN279Q 27″ and it’s rock solid.

  19. REID WESTPHAL (verified owner)

    The 3 monitor stand is fantastic. My previous stand dropped about 8 degrees, this monster holds solid at .3 ! I love the fastener system, you are able to add the channel nuts without having to slide them in from the ends. Good thing, as I forgot to add the bracket for my keyboard tray and thought I would have to disassemble a bracket to insert the nut, but Richard thought of everything and I was able to insert the nuts without disassembling. Thought this would be my last monitor stand I would have to buy, but I was wrong. I’ve ordered the Quad Monitor add-on kit now!

  20. rcracr18 (verified owner)

    Let me just start by saying, This is the real deal. 3, 27″ monitors no problems. Quality is top of the line hardware is also. A few of my friends bought other brands only to have monitor sag or misaligned​. Not here, square and plumb absolutely solid, once tightened​ up. This thing is fully adjustable to just about everyone’s needs. I highly recommend this. Awesome customer service. Very fast shipping, 3 days from overseas to us. I’m so happy with this company I’m going back for more, cockpit is next!!

  21. Kit Dunn (verified owner)

    Decided to go for this stand after watching Barry Rolland of simracing garages review dozens of times glad to say I’m not disappointed with the product simply the best stand for the money great service from the guys at sim-lab also hoping to purchase the quad mount at some point

  22. Almost Alien (verified owner)

    I received mine in 2 shipments, the second one being delayed by a useless company called UPS. The assembly process was easy enough, although some instructions in the package would have been nice and not just an assumption made for the customer to download the schematic from the website.

    A mishap I had during assembly managed to bend a couple of brackets but once I mentioned this to Richard he sent me some new ones free of charge. It is now set up beautifully and as others have said, it’s as solid as granite.

    One tip I would give is make sure you tighten the nuts up equally on the legs bracket – over tightening one too soon can cause an unwanted leg buckling effect.

    The stand is excellent, if a little pricey for what it is, but I would recommend with pleasure.

  23. Vince Moody (verified owner)

    I have the GTOmega rig which came with a triple monitor stand which worked well with my 24 inch monitors, however more recently I upgraded my monitors to three 35 inch Z35’s and needed to upgrade the monitor stand, after searching the net for some time I found the sim lab site and was really impressed by the look of the stand, I watched the build review at sim racing garage and was sold. My wife built the stand whilst I was at work, she said it was relatively easy to put together, needed both of us to install the monitors though, those z35’s are heavy and cumbersome.
    Anyway, if you are looking for a triple monitor stand that could easily support the bigger, heavier variety of monitor, then this baby does the job with ease. Solid, well designed and easy to build. 5 star quality.

  24. christopher (verified owner)

    I’d been looking for a tripe (or quad) monitor rig for about a year, but one that would take 34″ curved monitors. From my searches, most catered for screens up to 27-28″. I lucked upon this site on Reddit, and given the excellent YouTube Tutorial, I decided to buy this and the additional Quad Monitor Stand. Whilst there are no instructions (unlike the cup holder add-on), it is fairly straightforward to put together. Make sure you plan all the parts, because it will save you have to undo the components when you forget something (as I did),

    This worked incredibly well with my three 34″ Samsung CF791s, but I wouldn’t go any bigger in terms of screem size. This stand is rock solid, and getting the arms to be balanced was very easy. There are plenty of minor adjustments you can make as well, so there is a lot of flexibility in them. I ordered the cable tie add-ons as well, and I’ve just ordered a second set, as you can never have too many.

    I don’t used this rig for VR Racing, but for development and casual gaming.

    This is how my curent rig looks, I have a spot of cable tidying to do when my next cable tie clips arrive:

  25. Michael Mercieca

    Top product, very solid, good customer care. I bought the black version and the finish is very nice, which complements my P1 Black 🙂 good job to Sim-Lab!!

  26. greger.huttu (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the stand for a few weeks now, and I’m really happy with it. I needed a new stand because I was getting new 32″ monitors and my previous stand wasn’t as sturdy as I’d like even with 27″ monitors. With the previous stand it was also a pain to get the monitors aligned up properly, not to mention keeping them aligned.

    This is the first Sim-Lab product I’ve bought and the shipping etc. worked great. The stand was quite easy to put together even without instructions. You can do it by yourself in an evening but an extra pair of hands is a great help, especially when aligning the monitors. It took a couple of tries to get the left and right side monitors aligned perfectly. You can probably get it right the first time if you’re really careful with measurements and some calculations, but where’s the fun in that? 🙂

    The stand is really sturdy and once everything is set up and aligned the monitors won’t move anywhere even if you happen to bump into them. That’s all you really need from a stand like this so I’m 100% happy with it. The aligning of the monitors side monitors could be easier, but once it’s done it’s not a problem. I got the black anodized version which looks pretty good too! I also bought the quad add-on, which is just as robust and easy to put together.

  27. sung jung mo

    I’m going to live right away. There’s no single monitor mount on top of the triple monitor mount. Is there no one in the production yet?

    • Nevena Mitrovic

      Hi, we redesigned the quad add-on! Its online now.

  28. David Heavey (verified owner)

    Super solid. Delighted with it. Now all I need to do is get used to the triples instead of my VR lol

    Thanks again Sim-Lab. Love you all <3

  29. Peter (verified owner)

    I was looking for a triple monitor stand for my flightsim rig. I needed it to be sturdy so the screens wouldn’t vibrate with the least amount of touch. I ordered this stand (the 100/200 mount to be on the safe side). It is not cheap to buy, but then again it is very sturdy and also very high quality. I must admit that mounting the monitors in a 120 degree angle was quite a challenge. Perhaps the mounting mechanism for the side arms could be made simpler so this would be easier. But I also must admit that I wouldn’t have a clue on what would work better 🙂

    In the end, after all has been setup, this stand is solid as a rock and I am very happy with it!

    Due to packaging issues I received the wrong colour. I decided to keep that and got a nice discount to make up for the inconvenience. I found this to be a very strong point of Sim Lab. They respond to all your questions and are willing to solve any problems and recognise their mistake and compensate for that. That kind of service is very important I think.

    I can wholeheartedly recommend this stand and this company. Very pleased with it indeed 🙂

  30. Joe Fuller

    Will this work for the TR1 I just bought? If not, what’s the best way to triple on the TR?

    • Richard Schouteren

      Best is the loose standing triple option.

  31. Jayce Rettob (verified owner)

    I wanted to go single-TV first, until I realized triple screen is the way to go. I also do some game development, other games besides racing and casual internet stuff. I currently run a 24″ triple monitor (1080p 60hz) and they might be replaced somewhere in the future. After watching tons and tons of reviews, comparison with what I wanted to do I saw the 80/20 rigs and then it realized me. “SIM-LAB.EU!”, I then discovered this Triple Monitor mount, doubted for a while due screen setup (what I want to do/can do in the future). I recently bought a Playseat F1 (red) and needed something to go a long with as monitor mount.

    So after years of debating myself what to do, I pulled the trigger and order this one at July 21, The Triple Monitor Mount 100/200 VESA Black.

    I was expecting at least one month+ of waiting time before it would arrive at location as I was not in a rush to get this right away, but on July 30 (nine days later) I got a message from local delivery that my package would arrive the next day (ten days later from date of order). Delivery came in early in the afternoon, earlier then expected! After work I came home, made some dinner, ate quickly and preparing myself to set this thing up (all by myself). So here we go!

    I forgot that there is no manual coming along in how to build this, so had to go back to this website page to find the manual (minor thing). But hey the it’s only a one-page-manual and for my it’s was easy to follow. Sorted all the parts, and thanks to the video in the description tab (of Sim Racing Garage) that I have watched before ordering this, it was really easy to setup and mount everything together. You get all the tools you need except a screwdriver to mount your monitor on the VESA. It took me max three hours to finish it all including mounting the monitors and wiring. This was due I didn’t measured the distance of the side monitors to the center monitor and the vesa mount. I am gonna be honest, it is quite a pain in the ass to mount the monitor by yourself since you can not mount the vesa on the monitor first and then mount it on the rail. But once you got the hang it is ok to do.

    Right now I’m still in the process of fixing the FOV in the race games I own/play often. Really digging this so far and would recommend this for others to at least consider this for your own rig. Here you can see my results so far on my twitter tweets:

  32. K

    Can I go triple 32” with the smaller one (75/100) or I need definitely the bigger one (100/200)?

    • Richard Schouteren

      It is possible but not recommended.

  33. JOER (verified owner)

    Top as always … thanks Darko

  34. Bram van Essen (verified owner)

    This is more a general Sim-Lab review then a review of the triple monitor mount, but as there is no other place to put it and the order contains the triple mount, I’ve placed it here.

    I have ordered the triple (and quad) mount in one go on the 22nd of February. I received a UPS notification on the 8th of March, that a package from Sim Lab would be delivered on the 9th. So far, so good. I received the package (the bad service of UPS is something outside the scope of this post) but it only contained the quad mount and the hardware kit of the triple mount.. The profile kit is nowhere to be found. The UPS sticker says package 1/1.

    This is not the first time this happens on my Sim-Lab orders. Because Sim-Lab doesn’t send their own confirmations on what has been shipped, but rely solely on the UPS confirmation, I now have no idea what happened to the profile kit. Current waiting time for a reply to my e-mail to Sim-Lab is 3 days…
    Please Sim-Lab. Your gear is absolutely great, but improve your service by sending your own confirmations about what has been shipped! That way I can at least see that another package will be shipped, without needing to wait several days before finding out what the deal is..

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