VARIO™ Vesa Adapter kit

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Fine-tune the alignment of your monitors with our patented VARIO™ Vesa adapter kit.

Vario Vesa Adapter

With this newly designed Vario Vesa Adapter, it's possible to fine-adjust your monitors mounted on a triple monitor stand. With the simple but highly efficient mechanism, the height and rotation angles in 2 planes are adjustable with an Allen key.

The kit consists of 3 adapters and is additionally expandable for bigger monitor sizes with a 200 mm VESA adapter plate.

  • Vertical adjustment possible of 32 mm
  • Horizontal adjustment +/- 10 mm
  • Horizontal rotation +/- 5 deg.
  • Vertical rotation +- 5 deg.
  • Compatible with 40mm and 1.5-inch aluminum profile-based triple monitor stands.

Package content

  • Set (3x) contains the Vario Vesa Adapter as shown with a 100x100 mm / 75 x 75 mm VESA bracket.
  • Set + 200mm Vesa bracket (3x) contains all of the base set + additional 200 x 200 mm Vesa bracket. All fixtures included.
  • Set + BENQ adapter contains the base set + 3 BENQ adapters for the EX3203R / EX3501R monitors. The original bracket is also included.

*Patent pending*

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