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GT1-EVO Sim Racing CockpitGT1-EVO Sim Racing Cockpit
GT1-EVO Sim Racing Cockpit Sale priceFrom $449.00
GT1 Pro Sim Racing CockpitGT1 Pro Sim Racing Cockpit
GT1 Pro Sim Racing Cockpit Sale priceFrom $649.00
P1X Pro Sim Racing CockpitP1X Pro Sim Racing Cockpit
P1X Pro Sim Racing Cockpit Sale priceFrom $849.00
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X1 Pro Sim Racing CockpitX1 Pro Sim Racing Cockpit
X1 Pro Sim Racing Cockpit Sale priceFrom $1,599.00

Sim Racing Cockpits by Sim-Lab

We designed our sim racing cockpits to create the best high-end sim racing experience for every enthusiast or professional racer. Whether you are just getting into sim racing and want a solid base to start with, or if you are a sim racing veteran who wants the absolute best platform possible, we have got you covered. As we are also sim racing enthusiasts, we know what features are most valuable in a sim racing cockpit. All our cockpits guarantee a perfect seating position and a highly rigid structure so you can race without flex. Modularity is another standout feature of our cockpits, as we have wide variety of accessories to extend your sim racing experience with all the add-ons and gear imaginable.

Mounting all the latest popular hardware to our sim racing cockpits is a breeze with versatile pedal decks and different options to ensure the best possible way to mount your wheelbase. Furthermore, we always ship our cockpits with a side-mount that enables you to attach accessories like shifters and handbrakes solidly and perfectly placed.

If you have any questions about our sim racing cockpits or the compatibility with your gear, contact our helpful support team.