Handbrake XB1 Loadcell

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Perfect your hairpin turns and drifts by using muscle memory to your advantage with the precision loadcell handbrake.

Pre-orders (2nd production batch) ship from 1st week of June


  • Ultra precise brake-pedal input
  • Hall-sensor technology  
  • Full-metal Construction
  • Different springs and Elastomers set included
  • Fully adjustable

Introducing the Sim-Lab XP1 100KG Loadcell Pedal Set: Unleash Your Racing Potential!

Experience the thrill of unparalleled control, immerse yourself in the authenticity of sim racing, and unleash your true racing potential with the Sim-Lab XP1 100KG Loadcell Pedal Set. It's time to elevate your racing experience and leave your competitors in the dust. Are you ready to take the lead?

Precision 150kg loadcell

A proprietary and patented loadcell design gives this handbrake a level of precision not seen before. Opposed to measuring travel, this loadcell measures exactly how much force is applied. This enables you to make use of your muscle memory in a much better way, making sure exactly the right amount of handbrake can be applied turn after turn.

Dual stage Damper

Experience a new level of precision with the Sim-Lab XB-1 Loadcell Handbrake's Two-Stage damper feel. This feature allows a more realistic feeling of the handbrake typically found in Rally and Drift cars. The initial travel of the brake lever is simulating pressurizing the brake system as in a real race-car brake system. Of course, it's possible to remove this feature and have the brake-stack equipped with a single elastomer resulting in direct application.

Motorsport grade design

As a Sim-Lab product, the handbrake is designed with a commitment to innovation and excellence, ensuring racers receive only the best sim racing equipment. This handbrake is designed to the highest standard, providing the ultimate motorsports experience at your home.

Plug & Play

The XB-1 Loadcell Handbrake can be used in any PC racing simulation title without the need of installing software. We also offer the option to use our Race Director software which is easy-to-use and allow users to calibrate the handbrake or change the braking curve for ultimate adjustability.

Xb-1 Handbrake

Elastomer set of 3

Mounting Hardware


Software free to download

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