Pedal slider baseplate

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Type: Universal
Seat slider: Yes
Heel plate: Yes
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The baseplate allows pedals to be mounted on the Sim-Lab seat slider, which makes it easy to quickly adjust the position of the pedals relative to the seat. Also, it can be used without the seat slider forming a heel rest and a solid mounting point for the pedals. The pedal plate is now 12 mm thick instead of 10 mm making it even more rigid than before.

Compatible with P1-X, the old GT1 rig as well as 80/20-based pedal decks. The baseplate is not compatible with the GT1-EVO rig except with the 2020 version and onwards (with steel pedal deck).


  • Compatible pedals
  • Heusinkveld Pro's / Sprint / Ultimate pedal sets
  • Fanatec Clubsport pedals
  • Fanatec Elite pedals
  • Fanatec CSL*/CSL Elite Pedals LC
  • Logitech G-Series**
  • Thrustmaster T-LCM**, T3PA Pedals & TCP

* Fanatec CSL with Load Cell kit can be mounted using both front holes and two (out of 3) back holes, on the accelerator and brake pedals. The holes on the pedals need 6mm bolts and a washer to fit in the slots.

** Thrustmaster T-LCM and Logitech pedals only use the top slot to mount.


  • Type Universal or HPP 3P-PRX
  • Seat slider Yes or No
  • Heel plate Yes or No

What's included

  • Baseplate
  • Spacers for offsetting the baseplate from the seat slider
  • Bolts & nuts for mounting the pedals
  • For the heel plate spacers and mounting material

Not included

  • Seat slider (optional)
  • Heel plate (optional)

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