Integrated monitor mount

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Type: Single screen
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Set of 15 mm Aluminium black coated brackets to uphold a single or triple screen assembly above your rig. Advised screen size up to 27" for integrated triple monitor mount.

32 or 31.5-inch screens we recommend the floor-standing model 100/200 type! Although, it does support 32-inch screen monitors, in some cases triple 32-inch is working less ideal based upon our experience and feedback from customers.

Integrated triple monitor mount

  • 2 Black powder coated 15 mm thick screen support brackets
  • Pivot plates
  • 3 VESA 75/100 mm plates
  • Aluminum profiles (crossbar 850mm, arms 500mm, support profiles 200mm), end caps, screws, and bolts

Integrated single monitor mount

  • Black 15 mm thick screen support brackets
  • 1 VESA 75/100 mm plates
  • Aluminum profiles (crossbar 680mm, support profiles 200mm) endcaps, screws, and bolt
  • Works with the new generation 49-inch widescreen monitors.

Compatible with:

  • P1-X Cockpit
  • GT-1 EVO Cockpit
  • Any 3rd party cockpit similar to above
  • 27-32-27 inch monitor setup
  • Up until the 27-inch triple monitor setup
  • 32-inch setup is possible but we advise the floor standing type

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