GT1 Pro Sim Racing Cockpit

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  • Flex-free racing with Direct Drive wheelbases
  • All-new design
  • Includes side mount for accessories
  • Quick assembly with pre-drilled holes
  • Compatible with almost all wheels and pedals

The completely new GT1 Pro makes high-end simracing more accessible than ever. The renewed structure makes it rigid enough to handle the most intense racing with high-end direct drive wheels without flex. And that new design has some speed to it! Not only will you be fast on the racetrack, pre-drilled holes and no use of corner brackets ensure a quick assembly.

All essential features are present on the GT1 Pro, like a side mount for shifters, handbrakes and other accessories. A new wheel and pedal deck made from a single piece of aluminum ensure effortless and flex-free mounting of all common hardware.

Flex free racing

Our GT1 Pro is crafted to offer exceptional rigidity and stability. The enhanced profile connections create a flex-free sim racing rig, ready to handle powerful direct drive wheels and high brake forces.

All-new 2023 design

Experience the GT1 Pro's sleek design, engineered to propel you to the highest levels of racing. This cockpit has been engineered to maximize ergonomics without taking up too much space. Standout design features and futuristic shape ensure this rig will look the part in any room.

Versatile side-mount

The GT1 Pro stands out in its ability to accommodate a wide variety of accessories. Our engineers equipped the sim racing rig with a convenient side mount, allowing you to easily attach your handbrake and shifter and customize the placement of your favorite accessories.

Compatible with your gear

One of the GT1 Pro's enhanced features includes a newly designed wheel deck made from a single piece of aluminum, providing robust support for all types of wheels, including the latest releases. A front mount bracket is always included for sturdy mounting of high end direct drive wheels. For more information on compatibility, please refer to our dedicated section below.

Streamlined assembly

The GT1 Pro sim racing cockpit offers a simplified assembly process thanks to the pre-drilled holes and corner bracket-free design. Our engineers combined ease and adaptability to built the new rig to be user-friendly and efficient, ensuring the shortest possible assembly time so you can soon hit the track.

Used by the Mercedes‑AMG PETRONAS Esports Team

Enjoy sim racing to the fullest with equipment used by champions. The drivers of the Mercedes‑AMG PETRONAS Esports Team rely on Sim-Lab products to compete at the highest level.


Asetek DD wheelbase Forte/Prima/Invicta

AccuForce V1, V2


Logitech G25, G27, G920/G923

Logitech Pro

Lenze MCS12 series

Moza R5, R9, R12, R16/21

MiGe 130ST (small, big)

Thrustmaster T248, T300/TX, T500RS, T-818

Thrustmaster TC-PS, TS-XW, TG-T, TG-T II

Simagic Alpha Mini DD, Ultimate*

SimuCube 2 Sport, Pro

VRS DirectForce Pro

*Simagic Alpha Mini needs to be mounted directly to the wheel deck


Wheel mount

Wheel deck mount (Front mounting brackets included in the pack)




1350 mm x 580 mm (widest point 680mm) x 770 mm (L x W x H)

Aluminium profiles and mounting materials

Wheel deck mount

Brackets for the front mount wheels

Pedal deck

Side mount for accessories

Bolts for mounting seats

Rubber feet

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