Integrated Vario™ monitor mount

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Type: Integrated Vario™ Single
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  • Perfect monitor alignment with Vario-Vesa™
  • Adjustable monitor distance
  • Clean, integrated and futuristic design
  • High-quality materials and castings
  • Compatible with P1X, P1X Pro, GT1 Evo, and GT1 Pro

This integrated monitor mount is developed to provide the ultimate solution for attaching your displays. Perfect positioning and loads of adjustability are the ingredients for an immersive and panoramic driving experience. The fully integrated design combined with high-quality castings makes it a great looking addition to your cockpit.

Our patented Vario-Vesa™ system is now included as standard with this mount and makes positioning and aligning your monitors a breeze. Adjustment screws allow for a precise calibration of tilt, angle and position. Screens that seamlessly blend into a unified, distortion-free panoramic view, will perfectly replicate the driver's perspective from a cockpit.

Perfect alignment with Vario-Vesa

Our Vario-Vesa™ technology means misaligned monitors are a thing of the past. At the heart of this system are the innovative adjustment screws strategically placed on each monitor mount. These screws allow for micrometer-level adjustments, enabling users to finely calibrate the position, tilt, and angle of each monitor down to the last degree. This level of precision ensures that the screens seamlessly blend into a unified, distortion-free panoramic view, perfectly mimicking the driver's perspective from a cockpit.

Adjustable monitor distance

With slots in the horizontal mounting brackets, the distance of the monitors can be altered to the drivers liking. Simply undo the two bolts on each side and you will be able to slide the whole setup closer or more far away from the drivers eyes. This functionality ensures that the monitors can be positioned in the best way possible depending on the drivers seating position and use of steering wheel and dashes.

Cockpit appeal

Not only did we set out to create the best possible functional solution for mounting monitors, our goal was also to create an extension of our cockpits that looks the part as a whole. By eliminating the need for a separate structure, employing top-tier materials, and meticulous design, we offer the ideal option for a sleek and polished cockpit appearance.

Used by the Mercedes‑AMG PETRONAS Esports Team

Enjoy sim racing to the fullest with equipment used by champions. The drivers of the Mercedes‑AMG PETRONAS Esports Team rely on Sim-Lab products to compete at the highest level.


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