D-BOX GEN5 4250i Motion Kit

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Approved by the FIA, D-BOX GEN5 is packed with the latest haptic technology innovations to provide the ultimate realism, unparalleled durability, and extremely precise feedback.

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  • Ultimate immersion with detailed motion and vibration feedback
  • Developed with professional racing drivers and the FIA 
  • Tailored for all major racing simulators and compatible with any game
  • Simplified installation and connection
  • Compatible with both 110V and 230V

Ultimate immersion in your sim-racing setup

The all-new D-BOX G5 provides next-level immersion for your sim-racing with a combination of motion and vibrations in a single high-end and easy-to-use package. The 1.5” actuators and detailed vibrations will make you feel every bump, weight shift, and surface like it’s the real thing!

Realistic motion

New 1.5” actuators provide the range of motion necessary to silently & accurately replicate any bump on the track.


Granular, subtle feedback perfected by working with professional drivers and the FIA that translates into precise cues such as traction loss, to create an incredibly realistic and immersive haptic experience.

Adaptive Gaming Mode

G5 builds on the success of D-BOX’s latest generation, “G3” by coming in a package that requires only a single controller for 4 actuator setups. G5 also launches with D-BOX's all-new “adaptive gaming mode” allowing users to create their own haptic experience straight from the Game Center!

4 x Haptic Actuators with RJ45 wires pre-inserted

1 x Haptic Bridge

1 x Power Supply

3 x Power Cables + 2x ‘’Y’’ Splitter

1 x USB A to USB B Cable

1 x Plug Lock Insert

1 x 10” USB extension cord

Mounting Hardware

Sim-Lab mounting brackets for D-BOX G5

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