Pedal Set XP1 Loadcell

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Introducing the Sim-Lab XP1 100KG Loadcell Pedal Set! Simulate any pedal of any car with the most complete sim-racing pedal set out there.

Type: Throttle + Brake
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  • Ultra precise brake-pedal input
  • Adjustable resistance, pre-load and pedal angle
  • Full-metal Construction
  • Mounts on virtually any pedal deck
  • Fully customizable with RaceDirector® 

Introducing the Sim-Lab XP1 100KG Loadcell Pedal Set! Simulate any pedal of any car with the most complete sim-racing pedal set available. Carefully crafted to satisfy the needs of serious sim racing enthusiasts, this top-notch and fully customizable pedal set is designed to take your on-track performance to new heights. Experience the thrill of absolute control, immerse yourself in the authenticity of sim racing, and unleash your true racing potential with the Sim-Lab XP1 100KG Loadcell Pedal Set. It's time to elevate your racing experience and leave your competitors in the dust.

Brake-input Mastery

The XP1's core is defined by its brake precision and carefully designed loadcell, which provides a 16-bit analog input for unmatched precision. The innovative in-line placement of this loadcell facilitates superior control and brake accuracy, encouraging you to break boundaries and attain outstanding performance.

Extensive Adjustability

Whether you like a firm formula style pedal spaced far apart or you prefer a softer street pedal spaced perfectly for heel and toeing, this pedal set will meet your needs. An adjustable pre-load spring combined with various included dampers allows you to tweak the pedal feel from extremely soft to highly firm and responsive. Flexible mounting and adjustable pedal angle allow for perfect pedal placement.

Dual-Stage Damper

The brake pedal holds pivotal importance in racing. Our specially designed 100 Kg in-line loadcell provides exceptional control over the pedal at every corner phase. Whether it's the initial brake application, brake fade mitigation, or trail-braking, the XP1 delivers superior performance in all aspects of corner entry.

Full-Metal Construction

Chasing ultimate reliability, the XP1 has been crafted with a robust full-metal construction and a refined, yet simple design. The XP1 sets a new standard for price-quality ratio in the market. Its durability and reliability guarantee longevity and stability, even during the most intense racing sessions. You can trust that this pedal set will withstand the rigors of your virtual racing adventures.

Effortless customization

The included RaceDirector® software makes customizing your pedals a breeze. For all axis, the linearity and deadzone can be tweaked to perfection. The ability to save and load presets makes experimenting with different settings for different simulators and cars easy and effortless.

200kg loadcell transfers to 100kg pedal pressure

Easy to swap elastomers and springs

Adjustable stiffness and initial first stage compression

Mounts on virtually any pedal deck

Inclination of pedal easily adjustable

Blue color illustrates adjustability

Pedal face adjustable in height and angle

Swappable pedal face

Real ball-bearings in pedal arm

Strong full metal construction

Pedal position free of constraint

Pedal maximum travel adjustable

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