Podium Bracket Set

Sale price$80.00

Type: 500 mm
Ships in 1-2 business days with air freight

Fanatec podium mounting bracket

This Fanatec podium mounting bracket is used to side-mount the DD1, DD2, and CSL DD/DD PRO Fanatec podium drive wheel to your aluminum profile (8020) cockpit.

The slotted holes make it possible to tilt the Podium wheel. Additionally upright mounting plates this possible as well.


  • 500mm - compatible with GT-1 EVO New version shipped in 2020
  • 600mm - compatible with P1-X, GT1 Pro, and old GT1 and P1 cockpits

Fanatec DD Podium Mounting bracket is not compatible with the GT1 EVO screen holder.

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